Many people struggle with spirituality, not because they don't believe in something greater then themselves. But mostly because they don't allow themselves to trust their own belief system as being valid. Too many folks have adopted the idea that spirituality means religion. And as a result if the religion they were raised in stops serving them, automatically they separate themselves from their spiritualy beliefs. Granted our beliefs are somewhat colored by the hues of the religious instructions we recieved from both church and our parents. However, our core beliefs are our own. Our spiritual beliefs often become shadowed by self-doubt and our ongoing struggles to fit into a mold created by others. Spirituality is a person relationship and regardless of whether you attend a sacred space for worshop or simiply stay home to meditate, it is your private affair. Do not let anyone distract or dictate how you should engage in your personal relationship with your higher power any more then you would allow others to impact your relationship with a friend or lover. There is no right or wrong spiritual relationship, simply because a personal relationship is just that personal. Just for today, allow yourself to think what spirituality means to you. And just for today, accept the relationship as is without judgement or comparison