The Rich, The Poor

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    Huh? [:^)] The Rich, The Poor

    The Almighty (God) created the world in two sides, all good things has the terrible part, sweet has the bitter, rich has the poor and just like friends also has the enemies as their other sides... There are billions of beings (human) on earth and among them too, they're of two kinds the bad people and the good...
    I don't wanna talk on the good people now, maybe I'll do that when am quite fit here, I want to talk about the poor and the rich, I don't have to put the rich in the front, I want to be holy.
    I just want us to discuss about some questions that could come up like-
    1.The relationship between The poor and The rich, we all know most Rich hates the Poor,
    2. How can we change their tough relationship,
    3. What causes the poor relationship between them?
    and more questions that could come up?
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    Re: The Rich, The Poor

    Yes!that a good thing to know.thats a big problem of our community. We can change this easily.
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    Re: The Rich, The Poor

    If there weren't rich people on the planet that invest in creating corporations, non profits, and those who can donate money to worthy causes the world would not exist. I would urge you to watch a film called BORN RICH. It's a great documentary by Jamie Johnson he tries to show their side of the story. You claim they don't like us but I don't think they have an opinion. Because they also need us to feed their system. You aren't making sense to me based on what facts?

    You can base it on what can be seen, measured, and what we know daily. Someone with money, ideas created this site, Ether, Keen, and all of their other sites they have. I remember it was Yahoo Phones at one time and Keen bought them out. Before had a phone service just like this one. That was like 20 years ago. They sold it to Keen which also owns Ether. so how can you claim they hate us when they need us?

    I see the world like this.
    I have my goals and I work towards those. But we also help work towards the goals of others. For example in order to create a corporation that is fortune 500 one needs start up capital. If you have influential friends who invest in you or family who invest in you then you can do it. But if your family has no money to help you with training, education, start up capital, or even time to help you get rolling then you have nothing. No network or team. But I don't see why a person can't work for someone who has those resources.

    Why would rich people hate poor people. They might not think anything about them. They have their own issues and problems. They need poor people to buy inelastic items or to do jobs that they wouldn't do because the world is divided into

    CREATORS and Producers

    and those who utilize the things that creators and producers come up with or sell, offer, etc.

    Poor people make more babies. Richer people make more money. Many of them have one kid, two, or NONE. Poor people have tons of kids have you noticed that? Why?

    I'm not defending them. I'm just saying they take a lot of risks that we don't take. They invest in things to make more money. We invest in shoes, name brand clothes, sports tickets that are too high, expensive mobile phones, etc.

    Rich invest in stuff to make them more money. So I don't believe they hate us. I believe that if it wasn't for the generosity and the dreams of them many of us poor people would not have anything. Then what? CHAOS on the planet? They have to pay less taxes because they create the jobs where poor people work and are able to feed themselves, clothes, etc.

    Poor people donate to charity during holidays etc. The people ringing bells outside of stores. What if you just said, "Heck I need my $1.00 I'm going to save it unless I can get a TAX deduction I'm not giving it." Most wealthy people only donate to charities where they can get a tax deduction. But as poor people we just give it. We get nothing back no deductions. We donate to Thrift stores, money at Starbucks and we get no type of deduction from our taxes. While Rich find ways of getting a deduction or reduction of tax because they donated. Just saying. That's another difference.

    Poor people will have another baby and can't afford to pay for the ones they have. They Say, "God will provide. This is a blessing." But the kid grows up poor, thinking poor, no opportunities, no good education. The family doesn't help then you wonder why one can't get ahead credit wise, financially, etc. Just keeps on creating more people to utilize the resources or things created by Producers and creators.

    Poor people waste money on lotto tickets, slot machines, some win but many don't win anything. The house always wins. I love to play those games every once in a while, but I haven't won any big money. But you've seen the elderly playing Bingo, slots, scratch tickets. But wealthy people gamble on Stock market Robinghood, Etrade, etc.

    I've been watching my reciepts from grocery store for years I've caught many errors and went back for my refunds. Some people get embarassed to ask for refund or if the price didn't ring up the sale price they ask for a rain check or just give it back to them and get refund. I've noticed wealthy people will do that. They won't be overcharged. They don't just WASTE money. They will watch every single penny and they go for VALUE. But would you rather wear a like new name brand item from Thrift or Thredup or would you buy brand new from Walmart or Ross/Marshalls. or do you have to shop at high end stores?

    What do you mean by POOR? There are many of us in USA who make money but we have a lot of expenses or we don't make enough money to cover expenses so we have to work twice as hard. Because we don't want to downsize. Or we've downsized but the system does not pay anymore money. We can't take time to be retrained because we work too much. What is the issue? What is the real problem? What do you mean RICH? What do you mean poor? Define?

    Just saying.

    They have a huge responsibility. They need us. We need them. That's the real deal.

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