Are we compatiable

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    Are we compatiable

    Movies, book, fictional, and on all have told us that love is meant for only one person on this Earth that was made for us. Sorry to hurt your feelings but that is all a lie to love someone and to know that they are compatible is to know that you're ready to give part of yourself to that person but they are willing to help you grow as well.
    They're test along these unknown strings and future has written herself out. No one can tell you who to love or how, but let love take you out on the unknown and share your journey.
    This is ShePhenomenal0ne and continue to let love grow.
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    Re: Are we compatiable

    Dont fall in love so fast and you will always get hurt no matter and they anit going to have your back at all just your family there always going to love you no matter what happens

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