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About Ether Listings and Their Benefits

Please note: Currently, Ether is not accepting new listings. We apologize for any inconvenience.

What is your Ether listing?
Your Ether listing is an online profile with information detailing your services. It gives you a web presence so that potential customers can decide whether or not to purchase your services. It includes your listing title, a summary of your services, additional details and the rate you charge for delivering your services over the phone or by mail. You must also include a phone number and email address to route your Ether-generated calls and mails (your phone number and email are kept private and never revealed to customers).

Ether asks you for a listing title, descriptive keywords, a photo (optional but encouraged) and a description of your services. Once you've created your listing, you'll have your very own Ether Phone Number, a web-based Ether Call Button to place on the web and in email signatures, the ability to earn money by selling digital content through an Ether "Buy Now" Button, plus the ability to market your services through the Ether Directory.

When creating your listing, you should distinguish your services from those offered by others in your field. Here are some tips for writing a unique, compelling listing that's easy to read, loads quickly, and captures and keeps your customer's attention:
  • Use a Strong Call to Action: Why should the user contact you?
  • Be Professional: Spelling and grammatical errors in your listings or summary make you seem unprofessional. Check your listing for errors before submitting it.
  • Be Honest: Your listing is representative of the type of business you run and should accurately inform the customer on what to expect.
  • Be Transparent: Potential customers want to know about you, your experience, qualifications and how you can help them.
  • Experiment: Test different types of creative content to see what works. You can edit your listing at any time.
What are the benefits of my Ether listing?
Listing your services on Ether has many benefits. There is no set-up fee and Ether provides you with a rich set of tools and features for you to manage your business (Learn more about Ether features here). Here are a few more important benefits of your Ether listing:

1) Be Found in Ether Directory - If you have knowledge or information to sell but perhaps aren't sure how to reach your audience or you wish to expand it -- submitting your Listing to Ether Directory is a good place to start. Your Listing in Ether Directory gives you a presence online for customers to find you and to be found in search results on search engines like Google and Yahoo that crawl and index your Ether Directory listing. Submit your Listing to Ether Directory and increase the opportunities to grow your business. Before you submit your listing(s) to Ether Directory, please review the Ether Directory Listing Guidelines for help in creating an effective listing that meets the criteria for Ether Directory. Please also review a summary of policies related to listing creation and management on Ether.

2) Build an Online Reputation with Reviews - Customers often rely on reviews, ratings and comments from other customers when making decisions to purchase a product or service online. Customer ratings and reviews are enabled and displayed on all listings in the Ether Directory to help you build an online reputation, differentiate your services, and provide a better customer experience. Your reviews will give customers unique insight into your level of experience and the level of satisfaction of your customers, which may be the most important information you can provide to gain your next customer.

3) Feature your Listings - Like any business, your ability to get and keep customers will affect your success and how much business you generate using Ether. Submitting your listing to the Ether Directory lets you promote your listing in top spots in your listing category through the Featured Listing program and increases the likelihood of reaching highly qualified potential customers who need your services.

4) Distribution through Ether Vertical Directories By participating in the Ether Directory, your Ether listing will be available for distribution through Ether marketing programs including vertical directories that may be promoted by Ether and/or its marketing partners. We expect to launch these programs in the coming months, and you'll be able to take advantage of these marketing efforts as long as you have opted to be listed in the Ether Directory. Below are a few examples of vertical directories that are currently powered by Ingenio (parent company of Ether) and Ether:

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Creating Your Ether Listing

How do you create/edit/delete a listing?
New users: If you're new to Ether and have never created a listing, click on Sign Up in the top right-hand corner and follow the steps to create an account. Then you will be prompted to create a listing. Type in the required information and click Save & Continue.

Existing users: If you've already created a listing on Ether and want to create another one or edit or delete an existing listing, click on the My Ether tab in the upper left-hand corner of the page, then click on Listings. Then you can select the listing you want to edit or delete.

What is my Listing Title?
Choose a title that briefly describes the services you're offering in this listing. Be creative -- you only have 35 characters. Use key words that communicate what you're selling and engage your audience. This is an opportunity for you to entice the customer to either purchase now from the listing results or to click through to your listing to purchase there.

What is Area of Specialty?
The Area of Specialty field is where you enter relevant keywords that further specify what services you offer and help users decide if you're the right person to contact. They also increase your chances of showing up on the results page for searches within your category.

Use keywords that you feel will describe what you do accurately and entice customers to select you as a service provider. For example, if you're a financial consultant, you might use key words like "taxes," "estate planning," "investments," and so on. If you're a psychologist, you might use "counseling," "relationships," "marriage" or "therapy." Choose words you think potential customers will use to look for a service provider in your area of expertise.

Should I upload a photo or logo?
Yes! It's a good idea. Photos enhance listings by adding a personal touch. Customers can see them when they click on your call button on the web, and they appear next to your listing in the Ether Directory. We find that customers are much more likely to take the step of contacting you when you have an image attached to the listing.

Please note: Photos must be in JPG, GIF or BMP format, no larger than 400KB, and square (e.g. 95 pixels x 95 pixels), so that they'll display properly throughout the site. We strongly recommend that you use a headshot, which is generally easier to view. If you choose not to upload a photo, Ether will display a "no photo" icon in its place. To be listed in Ether Directory, you are required to upload a photo or logo.

If you have problems uploading a photo, please contact Customer Support.

What's the best way to write my Summary?
Your summary is your chance to give your "pitch" to potential customers by briefly describing your qualifications and abilities. It will show up below your member name in the Ether Directory listing results.

When you write your Summary, describe your service in a sentence or two (up to 100 characters, no HTML). You want to encourage consumers to purchase directly from the listing results page, or to click through to view your entire listing where they can also purchase from your listing.

What do I add to "Additional Details"?
Use this section to tell your potential customers more about what you do. Write it in your "selling voice," tell who you are and what you know, and explain why they should want your services.

Try to be clear, concise and creative. Also, be honest and professional. Your listing should use a strong call to action. And remember, this is your chance to sell yourself and your listing. You have plenty of space to elaborate -- 8,000 characters.

What if you have more than one service to sell?
If you offer multiple services, you may create multiple listings. You can create 1 listing per lowest level category within a category. For example, you can create 1 in the Business & Finance > Accounting & Finance > Accounting Software (lowest level category) and 1 listing Business & Finance > Accounting & Finance > Banking (lowest level category), and so on. Each listing can have different settings, a unique extension, and an Ether Call and Buy Now Buttons.

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Pricing your Services

How do you set your rate?
With Ether, you get to choose your rate for both phone calls and selling digital content through email. How much is your time worth? $3.99 a minute? $75 per hour? $19.99 for 30 minutes? Enter the amount it will cost a customer to either speak with you by phone and/or have the work done through email. You're able to earn money selling through both channels. You can enter the fee as a rate per-minute, an hourly fee, or charge for increments of time. Set a fee based on what you feel is fair and what you think customers will be willing to pay for your services.

What is the "Free then Paid" payment option?
It might be smart to use the "Free then Paid" option to attract new customers as this option lets customers begin their call to you for free. During the call, simply let your caller know when you are ready to begin charging, then press the * key on your phone. The customer will be prompted to pay your rate before continuing the call.

Potential customers are more likely to call you if it starts off for free, even if the free period is very brief. It also gives you the opportunity to let the customer know what you can offer them and why they should pay you for your time.

What is the "Bonus" feature?
A Bonus is an added payment option that you may choose to make available to your customers. This option lets customers to pay you a bonus, or tip, over the phone after the call and through the web after they write you a review. A default setting disables this feature for your listings, however, you can easily enable it for some or all of your listings by following the instructions here.

Managing Listing Availability

What phone number should you enter?
This is the number Ether will call to connect you with potential customers. Provide a phone number where you can be reached easily -- your mobile phone number, your home number or your work number. Enter multiple numbers for more flexibility and to increase your chances of connecting with buyers. You can change your default number at any time, either over the web or by calling 1-888-MY-ETHER (693-8437).

Ether will never reveal your number, and you can always change it, if needed. Note: The phone number(s) you enter will apply to all your Ether listings.

Click to learn more about Taking Calls and Managing Availability using Ether.

What if I don't want to take calls but still want to make money?
No problem: Set your availability status to "Not Taking Calls" and use email as your main point of contact. Through email, you can create Ether "Buy Now" Buttons that allow customers to receive pre-packaged emails from you whenever they click the button. They're perfect if you want to take orders for prepaid services or have digital content ready to sell. We'll display these buttons on the My Store tab of your listing.

You can also publish unique content using your Ether Blog. Blogs are a great tool to increase traffic to your Ether business while increasing the pages indexed by search engines and an easy way to keep potential customers engaged. Learn more about Ether Blogs.

What is the My Store tab?
On your listing, we'll display a tab where customers can find other things you sell, whether it's digital content (Paid Mail) for that listing or other listings you've created where you're taking calls.

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Listing Categories and Directory

Are you required to put your listing in a category?
We encourage you to categorize your listing. Listings that are categorized have a better chance of being found when a potential consumer is searching for services like yours. To be listed in the Ether Directory, you are required to select a category.

What category do I select?
When selecting your category, select a category that best matches the services you will be providing for the listing.

What is the Ether Directory?
The Ether Directory is a public directory that can be browsed and searched by anyone using the Internet. You are not required to submit your listing to the Ether Directory but we strongly encourage you to.

Why should I submit my Listing to the Ether Directory?
Like any business, your ability to get and keep customers will determine how successful you are and how much money you make. Submitting your listing to the Ether Directory gives you greater reach with opportunities to feature your listing in your category and potentially have it displayed on partner and Ether managed vertical directories through our API and LiveListing Banner technology increasing the visibility of your listing to reach highly qualified potential customers who need the services you provide.

I submitted a listing to the Ether Directory but I don't see it there. Where is it?
We review all listings submitted to the Ether Directory to ensure our listing guidelines and policies have been met. If your listing is awaiting review, we'll get to it as soon as we can, generally within 24 hours (at peak times can take a little longer). Please note that no listings will appear in the Ether Directory until they have been reviewed and approved. Learn more about our listing guidelines and policies.

Why don't I see an option to select a category or submit to Ether Directory?
In all likelihood your listing(s) were created through a third party link/URL. Listings created through third party links/URLs are not eligible to be listed in Ether Directory. If you are unsure whether your listing was created through a third party link/ URL, please fill out a Support Form and select "Listing/Directory Acceptance" from the drop down menu. Please be sure to include your member name and the URL of the listing in question.

If I don't submit your listing to the Ether Directory, can I still link to it from my website?
Yes, you can link to your listing from your personal website as soon as you've created it.

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Reviews and Comments for your Listings

Why are reviews required to be listed in the Ether Directory?
Customers often rely on reviews and comments of other customers when making decisions to use a particular service. Displaying reviews as part of the Ether Directory helps you differentiate your services and increases customer satisfaction.

What are the benefits to enabling Reviews?
Your reviews tell customers how much experience you have using Ether, and how satisfied your customers have been with your services. When you have positive reviews and comments, you're likely to attract more business, because it differentiates you from the competition. When potential buyers see that other customers have a high level of satisfaction with your services, it gives them more confidence to buy. All reviews give you valuable insight into how you can best serve your customers.

Customers can review you for each paid transaction (call or mail) of $2.00 or more within 90 days of using the service. They can rate up to 3 paid transactions (calls and mails) per day with any given seller. Learn more about Reviews.

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