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Email me the money
While talking on the phone is a great way to sell what you say, some things are better communicated using email: written articles, tax returns, photographs, computer code, instructional videos, and any other digitally-based information. Ether lets you send email that contains such information and set a price for your customer to open it.

Just like with Ether phone calls, Ether processes your customers' credit cards and keeps your personal information and actual email address private. You keep 85% of your earnings (Ether's fee is a 15% commission).

Checking Ether Mail
On the My Ether Overview page, you'll see "You have new mail" if there's an email waiting for you. (You can also choose to receive an email notification at the email address we have on file by updating your Personal Info.) Click on Inbox to access your mailbox. From the Mail page, you can:
  • Read your emails by clicking on the Subject
  • Reply to or delete when viewing an individual email
  • Send an email by clicking on Compose
  • Review your Sent Mail
  • Create a Payment Request or Pay-to-View Mail button
  • Change your mailing options
Sending Mail
You have five choices of email you can send to other Ether members: Regular, Send Payment, Payment Request, Pay-to-View and Suggest Appointment.
  • Regular. Send simple messages and attachments without request for payment.

  • Send Payment. Allows you to send payment to another member along with a message. As soon as the mail is sent, the money is automatically transferred from the sender's account to the recipient's account.

  • Payment Request. A great way to collect payment, or pre-payment, for your services. The recipient will receive a Mail that requests an amount of money that you've chosen. If they accept your request, the money will automatically be transferred from their account into yours.

  • Pay-to-View. This is useful for sending stuff like a computer code, a photo, or a simple solution to a problem. You can write a message and include an attached file - people will only be able to view the contents when they pay you the fee you're requesting. You'll get an email notification if the person paid for your email.

  • Suggest Appointment This is an email that includes a link for a customer to easily request an appointment to speak with you on a certain date and time. After the request comes through, you can accept or decline the Appointment.
Paid Mail Buttons
If you want to sell digitally-based information automatically, you can place a Paid Mail Button anywhere on the web, whether it's your listing, your personal website or in email. Paid Mail Buttons allow customers to receive pre-packaged Mails from you whenever they click the button. They're perfect if you want to take orders for prepaid services or have content ready to sell. There are two kinds:
  • Payment Request Mail. You can take orders for prepaid services or content that is personalized for each customer, such as a tax return. The customer clicks on your button which automatically opens your pre-designed Payment Request Mail. They pay for the mail. Then, you deliver the services or content at a later time.

  • Pay-to-View Mail. Use this to sell pre-packaged content online, such as a written article. You only need to add the content once - each sale requires no further action from you. The customer clicks on your button which automatically opens your pre-designed Pay-to-View Mail. They pay for the mail, and instantly receive the content.
To use these buttons, go to the Mail section and click on Paid Mail Button. There you can upload the information, such as a news article, that you'd like to sell. Set whatever price you'd like for your customers to pay to view this information, such as $25.

You can either choose a URL you can insert anywhere on the web, or you can grab HTML for a Paid Mail Button to put on your website. (The button will say Buy Now.) When people click on it, they will be guided to pay the price you set and thereafter will be given the news article or whatever information you're selling.

Mail forwarding
You can be notified of Ether Mails you receive at your normal email address (with or without the full message included). Even if your Mail is forwarded, members will still never see your email address. To update your preferences, go to the Mail section and click on Mail Options.

When you're away on vacation, or just won't be able to return email for awhile, you can use the Auto-Reply option to create a personal message that will be sent in response to all incoming Ether Mails, letting people know that you're away and will get back to them when you return. To update your message, go to the Mail section and click on Mail Options.

Good to know
Here are a few other things about Mail you should know:
  • To protect from spamming, you can only send Mail to members of Ether.
  • Emails you've read stay in your account until you delete them yourself.
  • Unread emails will be deleted if they were sent to you more than 90 days* ago, so be sure to check your messages at least once a month. *Note: this amount is subject to change at any time.
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