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 Ether Phone Numbers
Ether Phone Numbers
Your winning number
You can put this toll-free number anywhere you want potential customers to see it: your business card, website, blog, flyers, billboards, ads, you name it. It consists of an easy-to-remember toll-free number, plus your own unique 8-digit extension.

1-888-MY-ETHER ext. 12345678

You set your Ether number to forward calls to your actual phone number (which is kept private at all times). You can change where your calls are redirected to at any time.

Manage your account
What's more, you can also call 1-888-MY-ETHER to change your account settings, such as letting people know if you're available to take calls or not. To sign in, you'll need your phone number and PIN (Personal Identification Number).
  • General Account Settings. From the main menu, press 2 for general account information. You can add money to your account, add a credit card to your account or change your PIN from here.

  • Call-Related Settings. From the main menu, press 9 to change your availability status, change the phone number you'd like to have your calls forwarded to, or record your member name. If there is some important news about the Ether service, you'll hear this first. Additionally, you will be notified if you have customers who have agreed to pay your rate and would like you to call them back (follow the prompts to start calling them back).

Custom numbers
If you have a high volume of Ether customers or are willing to pay a set-up fee, we may be able to provide you with a toll-free number that doesn't require an extension. This number can include a custom phone message to welcome your customers. If you already have a published toll-free number, it can be rerouted directly to your Ether business. To learn more about these options, send an email to [email protected].

Customers can find you on the web too
You can create a direct link to your listing by inserting an Ether Button onto your website. Customers can then use those buttons to call you when you are available.

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