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 Seller Help
Seller Help
Ether helps you sell what you say. Here you'll find helpful information about setting up and managing your account.
  • Create Account - Create an account, which will be used to manage your calls and transactions.

  • Create Listing - Create your listing so you can get your Ether Phone Number.

  • Ether Phone Numbers - You can put this toll-free number anywhere you want potential customers to see it. It consists of an easy-to-remember toll-free number, plus your own unique 8-digit extension.

  • Ether Buttons - If you're web savvy or have a computer guy nearby, you can put a button on your site which allows people on the web to get in touch with you.

  • Taking Calls - Once your Ether Phone Number is placed where you want people to see it, your phone only rings when someone is ready to pay for what you say.

  • Availability - You can't always take calls, but you don't want to miss out on paid phone conversations when you're available. Your Availability Manager makes it a snap to stay organized with your time.

  • Call Requests - When someone wants to talk to you and you're busy or unavailable, they can arrange a call with you, by requesting a Callback or an Appointment.

  • Mail - While talking on the phone is a great way to sell what you say, some things are better communicated using email. Ether lets you send email that contains such information and set a price for your customer to open it.

  • Reviews Build your online reputation, differentiate your services and increase customer satisfaction by enabling Reviews.

  • Ether Blogs - If you are a seller with a listing on Ether, we provide a free solution for you to publish a blog. It is our goal that blogs become an integral part of the total offering on Ether for both sellers and customers.

  • Pay a Bonus - A "bonus" is an added payment option that you may make available to your customers. The default setting disables this feature for each of your listings. You may easily enable it for some or all of your listings by following the instructions below.

  • Activity History - The Activity History section summarizes and provides details on all your individual calls, transactions and time sold.

  • My Customers - My Customers is the page that provides you with detailed and sortable information about all your customers.

  • Account Info - The Account Info section gives you quick access to all aspects of your account related to billing, account access and payment.

  • Tax Reporting - Ether is required to report total amount of annual gross transactions collected from customers on behalf of advisors on Form 1099-K for those who meet certain thresholds in a calendar year.

  • Community - A forum where you can post anything that you feel will be of interest to others in the Ether community.

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