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Reviews Validate Your Service
Customers often rely on reviews, ratings and comments of other customers when making decisions to purchase from a particular service. Enabling and displaying reviews as part of the Ether Directory helps you build an online reputation, differentiates your services and increases customer satisfaction.

Your reviews also tell customers how much experience you have using Ether, and how satisfied your customers have been with your services. When you have positive reviews and comments, you're likely to attract more business as your satisfied customer base is on display. When potential buyers see that other customers have a high level of satisfaction with your services, it gives them more confidence to buy. All reviews, the good and the bad, should also give you valuable insight into how you can best serve your customers.

To appear in the Ether Directory, your listings must have reviews enabled. To enable reviews for a particular listing, go to: My Ether Click on the Listing Title you want to enable Click continue at the bottom of page Uncheck "Hide my listing from customers browsing the directory" - and then Save. Reviews will then be enabled for that listing.

Customer Ratings
After a customer makes a paid transaction, they'll be asked to review their experience by using either the touch-tone keypad or the web (depending on where they end the transaction) to rate the transaction between one and five stars (5 stars being the highest) if reviews are enabled for that listing.

Customer Comments
After a customer has left a star rating as part of their review they are encouraged to leave written comments about the experience as well. Qualifying their star rating with written comments will help other customers in deciding whether or not to purchase from that listing. Customers are urged to use caution and good judgment when leaving written comments. Please read the Review Policy for further questions.

Review Statistics
If reviews are enabled, statistics will be displayed for each listing under the reviews tab that give customers a better sense of a listing's performance history. The stats included are for the last 90 days and lifetime results for the listing.

Good to Know
The stars displayed next to a listing are the average ratings a particular listing has received. The numbers below the star average indicate how many times a listing has been reviewed. Customers may only review up to 3 paid transactions (calls or mails) of $2.00 or more per day with any given Seller. Reviews and written comments must be completed within 90 days of the transaction. Their written comments will be visible for 18 months.

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