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  • Passing Word-Symbols Back & Forth

    We sometimes forget that when we're using words, we are passing symbols back and forth. This means we must make assumptions like for example, that we agree upon the meaning of these symbols. Words like soul, spirit, psyche, enlightenment, love and...
    07-02-2017, 11:06 AM by Kathleens Service to Psychic Kathleen
  • Why Can't I Get Over This Lover??

    Why Can’t I Get Over this Lover? I’m asked almost daily by heartbroken clients, “Why can’t I get over this lover?”  This is an equal opportunity dis-ease. Meaning that age, sex, cultural heritage, religion, professions all...
    06-08-2017, 7:19 AM by Kathleens Service to Psychic Kathleen
  • Do You Feel Cursed?

    I often receive emails and phone calls from desperate people seeking help and spiritual direction regarding possession, curses, and all manner of pesky, dark and invasive entities.  Caught in a vortex of fear, people are willing to do anything...
    05-31-2017, 9:23 AM by Kathleens Service to Psychic Kathleen
  • Archetypal Dreaming

    We dream the same dream that everyone else does at one time or another.  Not surprising considering we also share passionate feelings in common; such as, fear, anger, joy, love, hate, desire, suffering, shock, boredom and pain. Intense, overwhelming...
    05-02-2017, 9:20 AM by Kathleens Service to Psychic Kathleen
  • Tarot of the Vampyres Review

    By Ian Daniels If you like vampire mythology, are under forty and want to learn the Tarot but are intimidated by the traditional tarot symbols, you’ll likely delight in this deck.  The images are finely detailed and reasonably capture the...
    04-22-2017, 12:06 PM by Kathleens Service to Psychic Kathleen
  • Synchronicity is Magical

    Synchronicity is the Word… used by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung to label our experience of two seemingly unconnected events taking place simultaneously.  For example, paying for an item at the till an amount that weirdly matches your birthday...
    04-04-2017, 9:14 AM by Kathleens Service to Psychic Kathleen
  • Dreaming Yourself a Shaman

    In a longitudinal study, 7000 students were interviewed about their dreams.  This was an enormous study, crossing countries, cultures, generations and language. The data revealed that there are more differences in dream content between males and...
    03-24-2017, 2:10 PM by Kathleens Service to Psychic Kathleen
  • Far Sight Tarot Review

    The Far Sight Tarot is one I have seldom used for readings.  Not because I don’t love its artistry, interpretive work, adherence to nature symbolism, maturity and impressive quality, but rather because of the frustration I experience deciding which...
    03-20-2017, 11:02 AM by Kathleens Service to Psychic Kathleen
  • Storytelling, Advising & Re-framing is the Heart of Doing Psychic Tarot Readings

    I met with a woman last week here in Victoria who is just about to launch a Tarot reading practice in northern Ontario.  It was such a pleasure to meet with someone who is just at the starting gate of her journey into this work. Her questions...
    03-06-2017, 2:49 PM by Kathleens Service to Psychic Kathleen
  • Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery

    by Robert M Place If you have ever worked with Robert Place’s Alchemical Tarot deck, you would immediately recognize his work in this 2012 released Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery. Both decks include symbols, characters, objects, animals and elements...
    02-28-2017, 5:39 PM by Kathleens Service to Psychic Kathleen
  • The Problem with Soulmates

    After reading for folks from all walks of life for more than thirty years, you’d imagine I’d be used to questions and discussions about soulmates by now but the truth is that any suggestion of soulmates renders me speechless.  This happens...
    02-07-2017, 8:52 AM by Kathleens Service to Psychic Kathleen
  • Tarot as a Way of Life Book Review

    By Karen Hamaker-Zondag An Author Who Knows Tarot! Despite having been published twenty years ago, I continue to have Tarot as a Way of Life on my recommended reading list.  If you resonate with Jungian psychology, you’ll love the way in...
    02-01-2017, 5:18 PM by Kathleens Service to Psychic Kathleen
  • Buddhism & the Tarot Teachings

    The Tarot deck can be used as an instructional guide to psycho-spiritual development.  Following the path of the Fool which is the number 0 in the Major Arcana, a third level of consciousness, the super-consciousness is achieved at a psychological...
    01-27-2017, 9:19 AM by Kathleens Service to Psychic Kathleen
  • Fetish Defined

    Now, if one takes the time to look up the definition of the word fetish alone, then one will quickly realize the word itself has very little to do with sex itself.  The basis of the meaning of the word means: Any object, activity, etc, to which one...
    01-18-2017, 5:03 PM by Advisor Mariane to Fetishes Explored
  • Sacred Isle Tarot Review

    By David Higgins I bought the original majors only Sacred Isle Tarot when it was first released and occasionally carried it around with me.  It was compact yet sturdy making the perfect deck to put into my purse.  But there were problems...
    01-17-2017, 5:06 PM by Kathleens Service to Psychic Kathleen
  • 2017 Authentic Spirituality

    This is the time of year when visioning, orienting intentions and setting goals is at the top of most people’s minds.  The first step is reflecting on what the last year's successes were and what needs to be re-intentioned for this year. ...
    01-08-2017, 9:30 AM by Kathleens Service to Psychic Kathleen
  • Motherpeace Tarot Set Review

    I pulled out my Motherpeace Tarot deck the other day and was amazed to realize that I have never written a review on it.  I’ve written reviews on so many other decks, it’s truly odd that I’ve never written one on the Motherpeace. My First...
    01-03-2017, 9:09 AM by Kathleens Service to Psychic Kathleen
  • Autobiographical Sketch of a Closet Psychic

    As you know, I taught Tarot, psychic ability development and feminist psychology for many years.  Many of those classes took place while I was also working a day job as a therapist/researcher/social work teacher. Most people who knew me in...
    01-03-2017, 9:05 AM by Kathleens Service to Psychic Kathleen
  • Fate: The Good and the Bad

    Loved or Cursed Most people are uncomfortable with the notion of fate.  We proudly declare that we don’t believe in it until something extraordinary happens – good or bad.  We like to believe that we are manifest destiny but what do we...
    12-06-2016, 8:59 AM by Kathleens Service to Psychic Kathleen
  • Mary el Tarot Review

    I waited years for the release of this complete 78 card Tarot deck.  I mean an anticipated, excited about, anxiously checking-in-on the author every couple of months sort of waited.  Extraordinary Body of Tarot Work I had stumbled...
    12-02-2016, 3:12 PM by Kathleens Service to Psychic Kathleen
  • Ghosts & Spirits Tarot

    By Lisa Hunt I have been a feminist for almost 50 years and a spiritualist for almost 30 of those years.  Since 2007 I have been following the teachings of Cora L. V. Richmond and get excited when a book is released on women, sufferage...
    11-19-2016, 11:32 AM by Kathleens Service to Psychic Kathleen
  • A Soulful Life

    A Time for Soulful Reflection We don’t speak much about soul in our culture.  We become more soul-aware when we’re so overwhelmed with feeling that we’re rendered speechless.  Like those triggered while gazing at an object of great ...
    11-01-2016, 2:18 PM by Kathleens Service to Psychic Kathleen
  • An Introduction to Transformative Tarot Counseling

    By Katrina Wynne I don’t buy a lot of Tarot books these days.  Maybe one or two a year. I’ve been working with the Tarot for more than 35 years as a reader and I’ve taught it for more than 20 years.  Rarely is a new book put on the market...
    10-27-2016, 11:18 AM by Kathleens Service to Psychic Kathleen
  • The Public Psychic Oct-27-2016

    A Student Journalist Wants to Do a Biographical Video of a Psychic I spent the morning on the phone with a lovely young woman who is completing her M.A degree in media, technology and journalism.  Her project topic is a biographical sketch and...
    10-27-2016, 10:42 AM by Kathleens Service to Psychic Kathleen
  • Crazy Psychic Clients

    Ten years ago I designed and taught an Advanced Professional Reader program. I formatted the advanced to be a series of twelve workshops which followed a 6-8 week Introductory and Intermediate series of classes.   The topics for these workshops...
    10-04-2016, 12:23 PM by Kathleens Service to Psychic Kathleen
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