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2016 Visioning, Intention & Goal Setting

Many consider this time of year ideal to re-orient or re-establish intention and set some goals. The focus doesn’t necessarily need to be on the traditional! In fact, for fun and authentic personal growth, it’s a better idea to organize your visioning into segments and include those aspects of yourself that you may have neglected over the past year like intuition, spirit, and adventure.

Some examples might be to study world religions/cultures or learn another language; volunteer at a local food bank or SPCA; practice meditation or start a jar/container that you fill with notes itemizing all the good things that happened to you that day. Maybe start writing a gratitude journal. You might want to finally complete that “Artist’s Way” that you started years ago or take an online class to learn a new skill like knitting which can be a wonderful form of meditation.

One of my resolutions is to hone my skill to “mono-task”. We are constantly being encouraged (and yes pressured!) to become ever better “multi-taskers” but there has been a cost for this which is that we find it ever more difficult to focus our energy on one single thing until it’s DONE. Our lives have become littered with unfinished projects, incomplete and stilted conversations and end results that are often less than the quality we aspire to. To mono-task is to focus, to get into that wondrous mental state of flow and to complete something that you are thrilled to see matching your vision at the beginning.

Jump Start with a Vision Board

The first step is reflecting on what the last year's successes were, what was left incomplete and needs to be re-intentioned for this year. Jump start your goal setting with a vision board. It's creative and affirming.

Begin with a large poster board (2' X 3') and a stack of images that you pull together from magazines, the internet, your own or friend's photos, advertising flyers – wherever you may find images that speak to your inner self.

Following a quiet meditation and/or prayer, flip through images selecting those that click intuitively with what you want to bring towards you in the coming year. Once you have a sizable stack, paste them on your board and fix your dream collage to a wall that you gaze upon often. You are constellating the power of the unseen world to aid in manifesting your dreams. Magic power.

In esoteric teaching, one of the primary tenets is “as above so below”, and “like attracts like”. By energetically projecting certain images out into the world, those images in the manifested world find their way to you. Seeing is believing, and believing is manifesting.

Power of Action

Authentic spirituality is expressed through action. Our actions in this world is what brings the light. Meditation and prayers are key but it's the power of action that truly honours your soul's expression. It begins with what you are visioning, but the true path to enlightenment is inherent in what you do. Ask yourself, "Does this forward my soul's purpose?" If not, why do it? If you don't know what your soul's purpose is, do a visioning board with an intention to express your soul and the sacred in your life. That's a wonder-filled place to start.

Your 2016 Tarot Card

For those of you who are familiar with the Tarot, remember to determine your coming year tarot card by adding your birthday (day and month) to 2016 and studying the corresponding Major Arcana card. For me this was adding 11 (for November) to 21 (for birth day) to 2016 = 2048 and then adding 2 + 4 + 8. 2016 will be a Temperance year for me. The Temperance card represents the process of changing something into something else through patient application of talent and skill. It is the power card of creativity and manifestation. In the shadows, Temperance will teach me lessons related to disharmony, imbalance, wasted and scattered energy, frustration and faulty judgment.

I wish you a year filled with spirit, love and fulfillment in every aspect of your life. Make this coming year one to remember with gratitude and the fondest of memories.

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