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2017 Authentic Spirituality

This is the time of year when visioning, orienting intentions and setting goals is at the top of most people’s minds.  The first step is reflecting on what the last year's successes were and what needs to be re-intentioned for this year.  Depending on your personality type, one of these processes will be easier than others. 

I favour visioning the most and I will typically recommend it especially to clients when the Chariot appears in the warning position in a tarot reading. Jump start your goal setting with a vision board.  It's fun and affirming.

Visioning in Hard Copy

Begin with a large piece of cardboard (2' X 3') and sit down quietly with a stack of images that you pull together from magazines, the internet, your own or friend's photos, and flyers.  Following a quiet meditation and/or prayer, flip through images selecting those that click intuitively with what you want to bring towards you in the coming year.  Once you have a sizable stack, paste them on your board and fix your dream collage to a wall that you pass your eyes over quickly before retiring every night and first thing in the morning. 

This process constellates the power of the unseen world to aid in manifesting your dreams.  Magic power. In esoteric teaching remember, as above so below, and like attracts like. By energetically projecting certain images out into the world, those images in the manifested world find their way to you.  Seeing is believing, and believing is manifesting. You are also drawing upon the power of your unconscious mind. When the unconscious absorbs images, it believes them to be real (think about why subliminal advertising works so well!) and will push you to manifest actions based on your images as reality not just dreams.


My visioning for this year is themed around creative expression.  When I was younger I used to design and craft all sorts of neat things from clothes, to household items to jewellery. I'd spend hours picking materials, patiently crafting some item that had captured my imagination and finding tremendous joy in finishing it and putting it to good use.  I don't recall being nagged with an internal, overly self-critical examiner either.  I'd complete the item, crow with joy and move onto the next project.   This year I've set my intention to continue on this path reclaim that joy.  Simple and fun.  I want to create, become more self sufficient and learn. 

My return to garment sewing to celebrate my 60th (Nov. 2014) was the single most fulfilling thing I could do. I have been re-learning how to make my own clothes and met some amazing women both on and off line. To add to the joy I have some rather lovely new garments to show for myself and have managed to pull myself away from that wheel of inexpensive, exploitive, wasteful fashion. 

Authentic Spirituality and Soul Expression

Authentic spirituality is expressed through action.  Our actions in this world is what brings the light.  Meditation and prayers are nice but it's the power of action that truly honours your soul's expression.  It begins with what you are visioning, but the true path to enlightenment is inherent in what you do. Ask yourself, "Does this forward my soul's purpose?"  If not, why do it? If you don't know what your soul's purpose is, do a visioning board with an intention to express your soul and the sacred in your life.  That's a wonder-filled place to start.   

For those of you who are Tarot enthusiasts remember to determine your coming year by adding your birthday (day and month) to 2010 and studying the corresponding Major Arcana card.  This year is my Lovers year which is my soul and personality card.  The Lovers will direct me to take risks, claim my desires, take the necessary action to meet my own deep psychological needs, being nurturing to myself and others, caring for loved ones, and being responsible for my own actions.  In the shadows, the Chariot will teach me lessons related to taking impulsive risks, imbalance, decadence, lack of moderation and clarity, and allowing my passions to run awry.  

2017 marks the year of 10 which means it will be a cycling year.  In the Tarot that’s the Wheel of Fortune.  We've reached a particular collective peak and now must decide if we want to move forward with our experience to this point or stop here and move on.  This will be a collective year of learning the lessons that we are not as in control as we like to fantasize. 

What was finished off for you on December 31st 2016?  Where will you go from here?

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