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Confessions of a Psychic - the life of a psychic practicing off and online in Canada for more than 30 years.
A Re-Vamped Web Site!
I've had this web site for 10 years and this is its 3rd incarnation.  When google changed it's algorithms I had the site changed to adapt to these new rules back in 2013 just before moving to Victoria, BC Canada but then things have changed again!  The "new" formats you're seeing online are designed to accommodate the smaller screen such as smart phones and tablets that more and more people are now using to surf the net hence a new redone psychicanada!

I'm thrilled with this new site. It's clean and plainly describes who I am and what I do.  It's lines and colours are simple and the navigation is very straight forward thanks to my long time web master Sergey Pavlov who has walked this online road with me since 2006.  He's a graphic artist by training but he knows his technical stuff and the best part is he's honest, calm (handy when I'm having a technical melt down!) and a brilliant marketing consultant as well.

To see my new site CLICK HERE

Sergey had rebuilt my flagship site last fall which has a similar look but is a much bigger site - to see what he did with CLICK HERE

My original tarotbykathleen (which is now 10 years old!) is so old fashioned looking to me now and we'll be looking to rebuild that one soon!  To see the "old days" CLICK HERE

Online Dream Dictionary

My free online dream dictionary web site is also looking a little dated these days but for visitors it seems to be working so well I have been hesitant to touch it!  The dream dictionary boasts almost 5000 visitors a month and many of those visitors have bookmarked the site and use it often which is why I've been slow to make any changes. To see my online dream dictionary CLICK HERE

Videos on Youtube

Finally if you like to watch videos on youtube you might find my youtube channel worth a perusal.  I've posted chunks of my lectures on psychology, tarot, and women and pieces I've done on TV.  Just CLICK HERE to visit my channel.

Don't forget to move your clocks ahead today!

Blessings Kathleen
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