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A Soulful Life
A Time for Soulful Reflection

We don’t speak much about soul in our culture.  We become more soul-aware when we’re so overwhelmed with feeling that we’re rendered speechless.  Like those triggered while gazing at an object of great beauty, listening to a piece of music, contemplating a natural wonder, or watching something wonderful happen to someone we love deeply. 

Our hearts swell with this tremendous feeling of expansive and unconditional love.  We feel gloriously alive in the present moment.  We may awaken from a dream knowing we have been touched by a sacred influence and be inspired by an inexplicable urge to make a change.  Words like yearn, inspire, and sacred resonate with this feeling.  The feeling isn’t always gentle or comforting!  It can erupt like a volcano in our psyche; abrupt, alarming and devastating because we know we’ll never be the same afterwards.

Is soul then a part of nature?  Or does it come from some other source? What is its purpose?

Once we have acknowledged there is a part of us which is profoundly and mysteriously compelling, more so than any other aspect of ourselves, we are confronted with a myriad of inexplicable dilemmas. What is our true self? Because for certain this aspect of ourselves that we call soul can be (and often is!) at odds with our conscious and indeed seemingly logical life choices.  It may demand that we make changes in our lives that are just plain silly in their frightening lack of logical explanation.  They might not even be nice, considerate or kind.  For sure not logical, linear or perhaps even explicable.

We learn too often the hard way, the devastating consequences of ignoring or even worse, minimizing the import of these tough soul demands!  We suffer soul sickness and descend into the netherworlds of   boredom, burn out, and mediocrity so accurately depicted in the painting, The Scream by Edvard Munch.

Our lives feel flat, stark and purposeless.

We eventually want to scream at its merciless and sterile predictability.  We might desperately grasp at quick fixes like shopping, gossiping, or substances that numb the suffering such as wine or drugs. Inevitably we will be compelled to listen carefully to our soul’s guidance. It is vaster, wiser, and more loving than any other part of you.  Trust the wisdom of your soul and if you cannot bring yourself to take its advice explicitly then at least give it the time and attention it deserves.  Whether you realize it or not, your soul is why you are here. 

Paint, sculpt, write, and meditate - whatever it takes to honour those profound and sacred messages.  As your soul communicates its guidance and you acknowledge its wisdom your experience of life will deepen.  Laughter will come more easily, living for today will be the norm and your relationships will be more authentic. 

You’ll be alert instantly to that in your life which is soul defying and make the changes necessary to live a life you were so anxious to get here and be.   

I am so honoured to do work that is the fulfillment of my soul’s intention.  I listen not only to my own soul song but to that of others who come to me for help in turning up its volume.  My connections with others are never mundane or dictated by conformity or obligation.  I value all the soulful interactions I have every day and wish you the same.

Blessings Kathleen

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"Kathleen - you are a gift! What has it been - 15+ years? You taught me tarot as a tool to guide me on my own journey (and a few close family and friends) and have ALWAYS been there for help me appreciate the good times and navigate those pesky rough patches with your wisdom, patience and deep and honest insight. I am grateful! "
Shelley Adams

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