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Confessions of a Psychic - the life of a psychic practicing off and online in Canada for more than 30 years.
A Spiritual Summer Continues

Even after more than 30 years of doing Tarot readings for people I’ve never met before, I’m still awed at how multi-layered, and powerful the process is for both of us.  Much of the dynamic unfolds in an indescribable quantum sea of perceptions, impressions, and expressions. I think few professions would afford me such a close, instant link to another human being.   And truly I’m always honoured at how profoundly open clients are to sharing their lives with me.

Teaching Others to be Advisors

I stopped teaching classroom style Tarot classes several years ago but occasionally I accept advanced Tarot masters to tutor and mentor.  My mentees have typically reached an intermediate level of knowledge and experience.  I really love this one-on-one teaching. It’s interactive, fast paced, and inspiring.  It pushes me to think more about what I do with more conscious intention.

It isn’t easy however, to teach others how to perform a service which is intuitive and individualistic.  No two readers are alike after all.  Typically, all we have in common is a fascination with this crazy and complex deck of cards! Tarot initiates tend to be creative, psychic folk who march to their own drummer. I haven’t met a compliant, conformist tarot student yet.  What an oxymoron!  Comformist Tarot student. Laughable.

Tarot students in turn humble me with their bravery as they plunge into this process with both feet despite the quaking knees and uncontrollable quivery voice boxes.  There is a mammoth degree of dedication and persistence demanded to learning to read the Tarot accurately and authentically.

Altering Another’s Destiny

But it’s the spiritual work that is the hardest.  Adhering to a commitment to know yourself and push against the boundaries of your own limitations is the most daunting task of all.  The risk of affecting another’s destiny puts burdens on your soul. Each reader must navigate this gauntlet with a fearlessness of purpose that frankly sends most folks running for the hills.  The rare readers are those who fully perceive this salient fact and yet continue to progress with a self confidence comprised certainly not of false bluster, but of a steely inner conviction that they can provide a service that is unselfconscious, honourable, and healing.

The truly inspired readers don’t resort to cheap tricks or pomposity. They are real people who have worked many long, intense hours to learn their tool and how best to use it to help others.  You’ll know them when you meet them.  They treat you with respect, tell you what they do honestly and stick to your agreed upon arrangement.  That’s been my experience with teaching.

The students who study with me and make it all the way to professional readership are amazing individuals. In truth the numbers who actually ended up in practice after taking my classes are meager (maybe 8 out of 500) but I am confident they are darn good.  They know their work and understand the necessity of ongoing study and learning.

Blessings Kathleen

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Testimonial Snippet

“Hi Kathleen,
Thank you for the reading yesterday.  I have a lot to think about and I appreciate your insights.  I only wish I found you sooner but I know events happen as they do.  I know I can contact you but I am “old school” and like to “see” a person.  Thanks again!

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