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Able to See the Future

It’s April and love is in the air! Wonder why we fall in love in the Spring? Our bodies are responsive to the smells of fertile soil calling for seed; our skin vibrates with life and warmth under the returning sun, and the cacophony of mating throughout the animal and plant kingdoms awakens us in the early morning and lullabies us to sleep at night. That’s why. Keeping that cerebral cortex in the driver’s seat of our relationship Chariot takes an enormous feat of self-will which in the Tarot cards is represented by the Strength card. Enjoy the moment but don’t forget to apply that amazing instrument of logic which the divine has gifted you with. Enlightenment unfolds when utilizing all your spiritual gifts.

Seeking Several Psychic Advisors

Many clients who seek my advice say that I must love my work. I do. But just for the record that doesn’t mean it’s easy. It’s texturally complex. People consult me because they believe I am able to see the future and are able to reveal elements to which they are oblivious, such as what others in their situation are feeling, thinking and planning. Clients put a fair degree of faith in what I am forecasting until I say something that isn’t appealing. Typically some of it is – but some of it isn’t. There are going to be frustrations, changes, losses, and regrets. Some take those sad bits of insight better than others.

I have clients coming to me after consulting several other “psychic advisors” on the same issue, demanding to know why I am forecasting something completely different from what others have told them. One woman recently boldly announced she had just got off the phone with another psychic who told her that her marriage would get back on track as long as she meditated on healing it. She called me for a second, affirming opinion. I told her that not even lifetimes of meditation were going to fix her marriage. In the course of our conversation it came out that indeed her husband had been having an affair (actually it had turned out to be far greater than singular) and told her he had never loved her. He said in fact he found her rather repulsive. She had chosen not to believe that. Tragically I have little doubt that she continued to call another bevy of advisors seeking what she wanted to hear.

I can relate hundreds of such stories. Like a mantra I tell women and men that relationships are actually quite simple. When someone is crazy about you, you actually do know that. They tend to behave rather predictably. When someone is crazy about you – you are among the top three issues on their priority list. Your happiness, comfort, and good health is clearly paramount to their peace of mind. They often have to restrain themselves from calling you ten times a day. Like you. When someone is using you for their own purposes, you know that too. Every aspect of your relationship is dependent on your bowing to their will. The minute you ask for a little more sugar they are heading for the exit with barely a backward glance. That isn’t love, it isn’t even lust.

Most of the time. Sometimes we find ourselves in love with someone who is mentally ill which is going to take soul healing to get everything sorted – such as who loves who.

I do know mental disorders because I’ve been extensively trained in this field. I’ve even taught others how to be therapists to those with mental disorders. Mental illness can certainly throw a wrench in the best laid relationship plans! You must be careful not to be drawn into the construct of the dis-ease yourself: Playing a game by which the rules are set by the mental disorder. This is a relationship doomed to failure. For example, playing Wendy to your man Peter Pan (the boy who would never grow up) is on a crash course because we as living, growing beings have a natural imperative to grow too. At some point your relationship will push at the boundaries of the Land of Forever Children and nudge it to the edge of grow or die.

Male Psychic Clients Have Similar Relationships Problems

Like Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan gets an emotional shock (such as a parent dying) and wakes up to the dream he’s playing at living and runs off and marries someone else who represents the real world to him. Like a perfect puzzle fit, the soon-to-be-bride nestles within the strict conformist parameters set by his family of origin, religion and class. She represents the real world to him. The growing up part. You were the playing, Wendy part to which he had to awaken eventually. Oh he might suggest that you hang around in the sidelines for when he wants to play at being Peter Pan occasionally. How many have been gobsmacked when apparently suddenly their lover just ups and marries another! Countless women and men. When I suggest to a client that this is going to happen my job becomes textually complex. I don’t mean to suggest this doesn’t happen to men too. Many male clients phone me with tragic stories. They are desperately in love with a woman who thinks he makes an understanding friend, a great shoulder to cry on, and an occasional sex partner when the pickings are slim but seriously? No way. He’s just not the one. He doesn’t even have a car for goodness sake.

Your Soul Knows True Love!

I especially caution people at this time of year about the online dating phenomenon. Not that it doesn’t have its extraordinary success stories but they would seem to be on par with winning a jackpot. How many have to play before someone wins? If you are gearing up for an online meet and someone presses you for photos of yourself please consider what this is really all about. I’d be strongly tempted to send him my worst pics because at some point in our budding love he’ll certainly have to confront that vision. Most likely I would opt to send him none having a particularly strong predilection for risk-takers myself.

I wish you all the joys and excitements of spring…just remember to keep it all in perspective. Your soul does know true love. It’s open regular habits of communication, willing self-sacrifice, endurance, honour, virtue, loyalty, devotion and pining. It’s all rather old-fashioned.

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