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Archetypal Dreaming

We dream the same dream that everyone else does at one time or another.  Not surprising considering we also share passionate feelings in common; such as, fear, anger, joy, love, hate, desire, suffering, shock, boredom and pain. Intense, overwhelming feelings spark our unconscious to give them expression in our dreams.

These Dream Expressions of Emotion..

share universal symbols, activity and characters. Despite our differences in language, culture and faith, universal symbols do prevail.  For example, a looking glass in the west may become a reflective pool in a natural setting or running from a foe through a subway system may be a deep underwater cave in a remove village but the meaning of the symbol remains the same.

Typically, these dreams will come to us prior to or following an external transformational event, such as,

  • getting married,
  • having a baby,
  • preparing for an exam,
  • losing a loved one,
  • moving,
  • graduation,

or internal event, such as,

  • a growth spurt,
  • becoming ill,
  • hormonal changes,
  • healing,
  • attitude or belief shifts.

Examples of Universal dreams,

  • being able to fly,
  • being naked,
  • being in prison/cage, the hospital/spa or school/classroom,
  • hair and/or teeth falling out,
  • observing a different self in a reflection,
  • being chased,
  • being extraordinarily big or small in stature,
  • being possessed by an indescribable entity,
  • being in the presence of a supreme being or alien,
  • demonstrating an ability to perform an impossible feat such as killing a monster,
  • falling from a high place.

These archetypal dreams help us to,

  • Prepare to face a challenge, competition or fight,
  • Cope with an emotional shock such as the death of a loved one,
  • Release pent up emotional energy we have been ego-controlling while awake,
  • Face and effectively cope with a physical imbalance and/or ailment,
  • Recognize how critical the pending or just passed event has affected us,
  • Understand what choices we must make and the potential consequences of making the wrong one.

Archetypal dreams are memorable and oftentimes so disturbing to the psyche, we are jolted awake. Even to the point of leaping out of bed! Consider that they are like important letters from the realm of spirit.  These big dreams carry a regulatory function, bringing our psyches into balance by compensating for an overly egoistic approach to a significant life event. Furthermore, they can point to the direction our emotional life is heading. You might awaken to find your heart pounding, sweating profusely and feeling a sense of dread for what is ahead and think, “WHEW glad that was just a dream!

Take heed!  The dream is warning you of what is bubbling emotionally inside you.  Ignore at your peril. Consider it likely that your spirit has already been gently nudging you to ponder these issues but you’ve been stubbornly head-blind to its gentle hints.  Exasperated, your psyche has rolled up its sleeves and decided to get downright scary to get through your egoistic barriers.

I’ve experienced several at various times in my life.  I can recall them all in detail despite the fact I a few them came to me almost 50 years ago.  As I reflect on them today, I realize just how critical they were at the time, in helping me to understand the profound impact the life event they were signaling was having on me.  These life events were changing me and spirit wanted me to see how and to what degree.

Don't Be Wasteful and Ignore Archetypal Dreams!

Talk these dreams through with someone you trust and respect.  Document them and remember to include the date you had the dream. Remember to include a brief note describing what was going on in your life around the time you had the dream.  Ask yourself,

  • What did this dream teach me I didn’t know before?
  • What advice is the dream offering?
  • Where was the light in the dream and from which direction was it coming?
  • How did my feelings shift throughout the dream?
  • What is the opposite to this dream? (for example, if you were dreaming of flying, its opposite would be crawling with cement legs along the ground)
  • What alternative choices could I have made in the dream?
  • What was missing that might have made the dream more pleasurable, inspiring or funny?

The Ideal Way to Work Towards an Understanding of these Dreams'...

deeper meaning is to recreate them visually – paint, collage, act out with friends, or create 3D replicas. Seeing your dream images in form in your waking life is a powerful way to facilitate a conversation between your unconscious and conscious minds.  It’s the royal road to dream interpretation and is the most effective process to discharge pent-up emotional energy.  Remember that our emotional brain centres are neighbours to our creative and spiritual centres.

The process of working with these dreams will help you to release and discharge the emotional energy pent up from the transitional experience you are navigating in your life.  You’ll know yourself a better and be ready to manage your next transitional phase with savvy and grace.

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