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August is the Astrological Sign Leo & the Sun Tarot Card
August is my anniversary for publishing this ezine. This month marks 15 years since I sent out my first newsletter.  Originally they were simple, short emails sent out to a few students and clients who had come to see me in person and given me their email addresses to be kept abreast of my upcoming courses and events. 

This is my 180th issue which is a little discombobulating to be honest.  How I've managed to keep up with the writing of this every month for 15 years, I'll never know.  I guess I just like writing my musings to anyone who might be interested.  If you aren't, there is a link at the bottom of the page where you can click to be removed from the list. I won't be offended.  Nowadays there are millions of these circulating the web.  When I started there weren't any as far as I knew. It was just a thing I thought I'd do that some people might find helpful.

The Month of Leo & the Sun Card in the Tarot

Leo’s element is fire and their symbol animal is Lion. 

Taking pride in their tribe, Leos are the ones who beat their chests, exclaiming to all who would listen (and most do), “I am a member of THIS tribe”, and everyone wishes they also were a member of THAT tribe.  They are the Ambassadors (think Barak Obama) of the zodiac.  Around the lunch table at work, they flourish photos of their loved ones and if they have children… brace yourself because it’s going to be a session.

Leos come in two distinct brands.  The gregarious, life of the party who loves to tell jokes, dance and sing.  Oddly, they never appear to change much no matter how much alcohol they consume. The other Leo is the shy Lion, quiet-spoken and seemingly self-effacing.  No matter what outer manifestation their personality exhibits, all Leos consider themselves number one. Sporting a mane of lush locks that you can’t help but notice, you find yourself vying for their smile.

I’ve never met a Leo who didn’t love music.  Putting on costumes and dancing around the campfire – probably a Leo.  They are enchanting! Everyone has a Leo friend or lover because Leos have so many friends and lovers.  But beware! They can be a tad high and mighty and belittling to those they consider beneath them. This means they can be fiercely competitive, envious and vain.  In a temper, they’re fearsome indeed. That’s when all the shouting, shattering and scattering starts.

The Dark Side of the Sun Tarot Card

The Tarot card for the fire of August is the Sun card.  It’s hard to imagine the dark side of the Sun.  It doesn’t appear to have one.  When the Sun is shining in the northern August sky, it’s glorious.  By August, the Sun has made significant strides towards the southern hemisphere, so its shine is a little softer, muted, and gentle.  But in the later afternoon it burns hot and bright.

The classic Sun card depicts a child or two, with arms and legs spread wide, naked, embracing the warmth and light of a brightly painted Sun which typically dominates the upper half of the card.  It means pleasure, positivity, enlightenment, joy, freedom in vulnerability, and carefree happiness.  What’s not to love about that? 

As Jung would say, however, the brighter the light, the darker the shadow.  Someone who exhibits positivity all the time often suffers the darkest depression.  Alone.  In the warning position, the Sun means there are things lurking in the shadows that threaten your vulnerability and trust.  It’s watchful in the deep, darkest shadows and when it leaps out to pull you down under.  Beware!  The shock will be electrifying.  What’s hidden from the Sun doesn’t have access to its gift revelatory and purifying properties.  It’s dark, damp, mouldy and potentially deadly.

In the ancient, Egyptian faith, the God Ra or Sun God and was all-powerful.  The Egyptians believed that a person would be wise to pay heed to him! His shine warmed the ground and played a crucial role in crop success.  Ra was LIFE. But he was DEATH too. He would melt you to a puddle when he was shining bright and hot at midday in the desert. 

August is a Month of Poignancy

When we turn our calendars to August, our first thought is, “Summer is approaching its end”.  One more month and we’re at fall equinox.  Sob. There’s a bite in the morning and evening air by mid-month.  The Sun arises later and sets earlier.  There’s an almost frenetic energy by the end of the month as everyone rushes to capture these last vestiges of summer whist preparing for all that September brings.

The word “august” means distinguished, elegant, illustrious, prestigious, renowned, and exalted.  As a month, it’s all those things.  A special month to be appreciated especially at the bounty it brings us in the form of harvest. I wish you a lovely one wherever in the world you are celebrating its gifts.

YouTube Video Channel Gets an Update
I've returned to uploading videos in the past few weeks which I'm pretty excited about. These videos will be in the form of a vlog whereby I discuss a reading; the cards I drew and how I interpreted the card in relationship to the clients' issue and question.  This is a way to scratch my teaching/lecturing itch.

You can visit my Youtube Channel HERE .  By subscribing to my channel and pressing the bell icon beside the subscribe button, you will receive an email notification that I've uploaded another video. I have one about to go live and another in the queue.  I hope to upload a new video at least once a week - maybe more if the editing piece doesn't swamp me!

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