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Crazy Psychic Clients
Ten years ago I designed and taught an Advanced Professional Reader program. I formatted the advanced to be a series of twelve workshops which followed a 6-8 week Introductory and Intermediate series of classes.
The topics for these workshops included what you might expect; reading for particular questions like health, relationships and spiritual direction; topics related to psychology, psychic ability and several more pertinent areas to an initiate advancing to professional readership. 
One of the workshops that was great fun to do was teaching students how to cope effectively with difficult clients.  Everyone’s idea about what makes a difficult client differs slightly but there are commonalities.  Everyone knows what you mean when you say you have a tough boss, or scary in-law or annoying neighbour.  The content might vary slightly but the dynamic is universally understood.  So who is the dreaded client? 
The Strong, Silent Type
These clients expect the reader to tell all.  They say as little as possible because they want you to tell them everything.  They sit across from you or on the phone without saying a single word after a perfunctory, “Hello”.  They don’t understand the process or benefit of interactivity.  The more deeply I get to know them and their situation the more accurately I can read for them.  For most, this is just logical but for some this is mysteriously counter-intuitive.  These clients I liken to being sentenced to hard labour.
The Fearful Ones
I’m certainly guilty of praying fervently that the cards will be ever and always lovely but at the risk of sounding cliché you read the cards you’re dealt and go with your intuition.  That’s what I do and that’s the way it is.  So when I sense that a client wants assurances, I say the news may not be all cheery but the guidance and suggestions the Tarot offers IS likely to be helpful.  Some clients will just say they don’t want to hear bad news. Usually while I’m eying cards like the Tower, Mourning and Poverty.  I have to be superwoman mindful about how I’m going to relate this information and hypervigilant with my facial expressions as well. 
The Confessors
The Tarot stimulates thoughts and feelings in people that they likely have never discussed with anyone.  They burble over with long explanations, reflections, ruminations and excitement.  As a psychological tool, that’s what makes the Tarot so powerful but the problem for a reader is that people do expect to learn something from the readings that they didn’t know before. It can be challenging to effect just the right degree of give and take in the Tarot reading whereby both parties have enough time to garner what they need to produce a helpful, and informative reading.
A tarot reader must work on a schedule therefore it rests with the reader to establish limits for reading and for sharing. 
The Liars
Sometimes clients lie.  They refuse to tell the truth because they want you to “psychically” know the truth.  They are testing the reader’s intuition or they simply don’t want to tell anyone their truth out of embarrassment or shame.
Some clients just resist every statement a reader makes because they are in denial about what is going on in their lives.  When a client claims that I haven’t hit on anything – it’s time for interaction.  What is going on in their lives?  Sometimes the timing of events is off (I might be seeing something that isn’t in their lives yet and this happens frequently).  The oracle typically speaks a language that’s difficult to translate into the physical mundane universe particularly when it comes to the question of WHEN.
The Bargain Hunter
This whole issue of money for readings can represent a new level of challenge especially for new readers.  Most clients understand that they are being charged a fee for a service and they don’t make an issue about it.  You want a plumber to fix your faucet, you want someone to sell your house or you want someone to read your cards, you pay for the service and that’s it, plain and simple. 
When you first begin in this crazy business you discover there are some who resent paying for a reading that hasn’t offered what they wanted to hear.  Seriously.
Some are just bargain hunters by nature and apply this approach to a reader.  They will say they can get a reading from someone else for less hoping to inspire you to be more competitive.  Some simply believe that because you are performing a spiritual service it should be free.  I have no idea how these people expect me to eat and remain alive to do readings for them again in the future.  Spiritual people don’t need to eat?
Along for the Ride
Some arrive with a friend in tow who isn’t keen on having a reading themselves.  In fact, they think the whole process is ludicrous. They laugh, make fun of, and often complain about price, your style, and are anxious to point out how silly their friend is for being so taken in by such ridiculous practices as the Tarot. Sadly (and somewhat hilariously) this has caught more than one, unsuspecting client completely by surprise.  They were misled into believing their friend in tow was curious, open minded and had only a desire to be the note taker!
There is typically an hidden agenda present that I’ll need to quickly assess.  For example, the guest has been giving their friend advice that they aren’t taking, and they are resentful that when you’ve offered the same advice in a reading the friend/client takes it more to heart. 
Everyone faces these types of challenges (and more!) when they begin their journey as a professional reader. We learn the most as we go.  This work has changed me more profoundly (for the better) than anything I’ve ever done in my life. 
I’m much better at setting boundaries, asserting my voice and listening into the silence for nuance and feeling than I was ever able to in the past. My psychic ability has increased exponentially with all the use I’ve put it to and this has helped me tremendously in my own daily life.
I consider it a privilege to have been invited remarkably intimately into so many people’s lives. To laugh (and yes I’ve cried too) as they bravely face the suffering life inevitably plants on their doorstep, to be there to admonish them to love themselves more and hold their hand as they stare that wall of denial into oblivion. For all its tests and difficulties, it remains the best job ever.

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" Kathleen - you are a gift! What has it been - 15+ years? You taught me tarot as a tool to guide me on my own journey (and a few close family and friends) and have ALWAYS been there for help me appreciate the good times and navigate those pesky rough patches with your wisdom, patience and deep and honest insight. I am grateful!"
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