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Diviner's Ethics

August & Spiritual Rebirth

I favour August to be the perfect month to re‐commit my vows on “diviner’s ethics”.  I think it's because I started my ezine in August (2003) and it was when I committed myself to pursuing the spiritual path and work I have been following since.

Divining has always been at the top of the charts when it comes to miracles. With every rebirth however, we must first consider what we want to be brought forward and what we’re leaving behind. 

Ethics are valuable enough to be carried along with you to your next life and in the world of divination, ethics are complicated.  Of course there are the obvious ones such as not demanding an inordinate amount of money from some innocent soul to remove a hex or charm, but what about the more juxtaposition ones like being honest and making sure everyone leaves your reading room feeling good? This is a conundrum for any diviner. 

There are things in life that just don’t make you feel good, especially when you think they are ahead of you.  It’s nice when they are behind but what about ahead?  Few clients can imagine the anxiety new readers go through just before turning over that outcome card.  You think you’re anxious!

Empowerment is My Ethic

In my practice I have reconfigured this ethic to be about empowerment.  The last thing I want to do is take responsibility for anyone else’s life no matter how hard they work to make this so!  And some work pretty hard.  So I rebirth every year my commitment to ensuring that everyone I read for leaves with some new tool to effectively address the challenges ahead.  It might be affirmation charts, journaling, dreamwork, or a snippet of wisdom I catch from the reading itself. 

To anyone learning to be diviners, I suggest you give this aspect of your new work some very serious consideration.  This is the challenge that strikes terror in the hearts of esoteric arts students.

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