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Do You Have to Be Psychic to Read the Tarot?

Everyone is Psychic but...

Many years ago I became intrigued with how psychic ability is related to reading the Tarot.  One discovery I made is that everyone is psychic, and the only difference between a psychic and everybody else is that they call themselves a psychic. Being psychic is just a normal human condition.  It’s just that most people don’t know that.  We won’t go into why that’s the case because that would take more than a newsletter to explore!

About a year ago however, my life-long journey to understanding the psyche (psyche means soul) turned me to the lens focusing on the relationship between spirituality and being an oracle.  This has been the most exciting lap in my journey!  It only took me 50 years to get here.  The wisest and truest oracles have a solid base of spiritual love, knowledge and wisdom.  It is a true oracle’s foundation, and impels their insight.  

How Can Your NOT Think About the Spirit World?

Nowadays I’m always surprised to learn that people don’t give the spirit world a lot of thought.  Eternal life, the spirit world, where they go when they pass from this world.   How can you not think about that?  Or better still why would you think that’s not important enough to really think about?  Since we only exist in physical form for a short time, and go on to an eternal life, doesn’t that deserve at least some of your day’s considerations?  Someone asked me the other day, “If my relatives are in the spirit world and know I’m here, why the heck aren’t they helping?!";  Well they are undoubtedly doing their best is all I can say truthfully.

Communication between the spirit world and the earth plane is hard work. Not all spirits are capable of making that connection, any more than are all humans able to create spirit openings themselves.  To match up a spirit who has learned the skill of breaking the material barrier with an earth plane being who is able to do the same, is a very special event indeed.  But since beginning this journey of spiritual exploration I’ve been amazed at how much valuable material there is to help earth plane inhabitants do exactly that!  

A Lot of Junk Publications

Not much of any value has been done in the last 90 years on spirit world communication but between 1860-1923 rich material was brought to the world to teach humans how to access the spirit world.  There was a lot of junk massively published then too, but if you dig to find those who were persecuted, and whose teachings were aggressively destroyed, you’ll be shocked to realize just how much was known a hundred years ago.  We are so propagandized to believe that it’s only new that counts,  a lie that perpetrates notions of progress which means moving forward and getting better.  Be mindful of anything that is massively touted as the truth.   The more massively it is embraced the more suspect you should be. Truth is simple but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. 

As we move through this garbage bin period in her/history, we’ll see a lot of so called truths; falling into the waste basket while seeing many false prophets pop up everywhere. Remember that story?  Be circumspect in your spiritual studies, be suspicious of anything big, modern, and massive.  There is every reason to believe it’s just another false prophet.

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