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Dream Dictionary Online May-30-2016

Herstory of Dreams Dictionary Publications

I have a special announcement to make regarding my dream dictionary online:  My web master rebuilt this site and it was launched "live" this morning! 

I wrote this dream dictionary back in '97.  Much to my own amazement I actually pounded out a 450 page book in 6 months!  It was crazy stressful but it was satisfying to write about work that has had special heart and meaning for me since I was in my early 20's.  I believe in the power of our dreaming mind to heal, guide, develop and enrich our lives.

Sergey Pavlov and I launched the dream dictionary the first time in a web format in 2009 and it's had a dedicated number of visitors every month. There are people actually using the dictionary regularly which has been truly inspirational for me and really why I decided to go ahead with a rebuild this year.  It need some updates and the navigation needed to be improved so we did all that and more.  It's so much better to use!

I think you'll agree it's much more user friendly.  Click HERE   and look up some of your symbols. There are 3 different ways to find your symbols and videos to watch of my dream lectures. 

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