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Electrifying & Memorable Tarot Experience
I didn’t imagine in the initial few years of studying the Tarot that I would end up doing it for a living.  I thought it was provocative, artistic, and mysterious but never imagined for a second that I would end up reading it for others as a business.  So much for self-predictive psychic power.
In 1975 I was an English major, full-time university student in Toronto and working a part time job. I didn’t have the time to delve into the meanings and complexities of the cards. I’d lay out cards for friends and rather randomly assign meanings to the cards by pondering the pictures.  A mystery I couldn’t stop obsessing about but one I annoyingly didn’t have the time to unravel. Even at that level, however, I had enough electrifying and memorable experiences which worked to pull me back to them whenever I’d get together with a few friends.  On occasion I’d sit cross-legged on my bed laying out cards in answer to a question or conundrum on my mind.

In 1985, I discovered the Motherpeace tarot set in the Toronto Women’s Bookstore. For hours, days and weeks, I poured over this set.  I had never imagined finding such a perfect spiritual path for me.  I had studied yoga, women’s spirituality and the writings of Carl Jung by this time but this feminist tarot encompassed all these passions in one place. If you share a passion for women’s spirituality, I highly recommend her work.

Tarot Parties Like Tupperware in Toronto

Within a few months of initiating the Motherpeace study, I was doing Tarot parties and within a few short weeks of launch, I was galloping all over Toronto doing Tarot parties and having more fun than I can find the words to describe.  Exciting, nerve wracking, heart warming. I’d found my jam.

In 1987, I was presented with an opportunity to move to San Francisco to study for my M.A. in counseling.  This event shifted the Tarot once again into the background, returning to activities similar to where I was while working towards my B.A. years earlier.

In 1990 I moved to Victoria BC and was invited to teach a several interest evening classes at Camosun College.  My 8 week Tarot course became one of the most popular subjects in their evening offerings. For me this represented a time of the most powerful learning, deepening and understanding of the Tarot.  If you are struggling to learn the Tarot, offer a course on it. There is also nothing as joyful and satisfying as having a group to share your passion with and nothing will motivate you more keenly to learn it yourself than committing to teach it!

One of my students from years ago, Freda Crake, continues to teach classes near Kingston Ontario and she’s in her ‘70’s! 

Whenever I see a notice on facebook that she’s offering another class, I think about how amazing it is that the work I began so many years ago continues to proliferate.  We can never fully appreciate how far reaching into the future our work of today will grow. I’ve been alive long enough to fully appreciate this on so many levels.

Full Feature Articles in Media

It wasn’t until 2003 that the media became intrigued with my work and ran rather large, full feature articles about my readings at venues such as the Royal York Hotel in Toronto.  This catapulted me into the limelight and provided me with the impetus I needed to try this work full time. This year marked my 16th anniversary as a full time Tarot reader. 

Excited About Changes Looking Forward

Looking back on the last year and forward to 2020, I’m excited about my recent work on my youtube channel.  I’ve had a channel on youtube for almost 10 years.  Occasionally I uploaded a video, shot at one of my lectures or media event. It was sporadic and rather random.  Last year however, I launched a series on describing an issue, the cards drawn in answer to the question and how I interpreted the card in light of the question, the classic meaning of the card, it’s placement on the layout, and my own intuition. 

To say I’m excited about this project is an understatement.  It’s not huge but its potential is mighty.  I keep thinking if it triggers just one more Freda Crake in the world, it’s worth every moment of effort.  I’m learning more everyday about what people would like to know more about the Tarot and this project will undoubtedly transform and grow over the next year and beyond.

I wish you all the best of the season but especially I wish you a glorious, fulfilling, and loving 2020.  What a decade ahead!  How amazing to be here to witness its unfoldment.  Always remember you were meant to be here now.  A chosen witness to whatever is destined to unfold:  A time when future generations will say, “I wish I had been alive then.”

Just a reminder I do Gift Certificates! I can send it to you via email attachment and you can print it off and put it in a card for a loved one.  I’ve done thousands of gift readings over the years and its always been received with great joy.  Unique, memorable and often more deeply valued than a silly object never used.

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