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Emotion Surprises Male Psychic Clients

Words that Indicated Tentativeness

A client just phoned to book an appointment.  He was using words that were tentative like, "may be, if you, possibly, I don't know".

Smiling into the phone, I said, "You don't sound very convinced that making an appointment to come and see me is really what you want to do".

He replied, "Well I've been to see a number of psychics in the past and one was exceptionally accurate and others were completely off. I just don't know if I should take a chance on you".

I explained, "I'm not convinced I can help you either. It really depends on your expectations. I don't sit across from someone and talk nonstop at them. My process is very interactive and we discuss your issues and I share my feelings visions reading the tarot. I cannot guarantee perfect accuracy; I don't think anybody can guarantee perfect accuracy in predicting what will happen."

It's About My Love Life

He said, "It's about my love life".

I answered, "Yes I did know that. You've been having problems in your relationship and you wonder if it's going to continue or if it's worth getting your hopes up for or whether you should just let it go."

At this point the client surprised himself by starting to cry. He believed he was okay with the relationship possibly ending and didn't know how emotional he was still feeling about this woman. He was very embarrassed to have such a strong emotional reaction and I assured him that most people do in working with me and I don't mind.

We made an appointment for him to come and see me this afternoon and I'm looking forward to meeting him.

Men Surprised by Their Intense Emotional Reactions

Men especially are often very surprised to find themselves feeling such intense emotion when working with me. They don't realize that as a psychic I'm able to read beneath the surface. Things can be said that aren't completely in their control.  I don't care take them either.  If they are feeling something deeply emotional and cry, I don't baby them or pull away. Men have often told me how much better they feel after taking an opportunity to fully express themselves; both the good and the bad.

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