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Getting Through December!
Happy Holidays & All the Best for 2016 Kathleen

December is resplendent with nostalgia for most people.  Even if you opt out of most things Christmassy, you’re still going to be bombarded with the collective energies that are constellated at this time of year.

Those Stressful Moments

For most it’s just stressful.  The strain of the financial and social pretense pressures drives many to eat and drink all the wrong things, conflict where it’s safe to do so (close loved ones get the brunt) and frankly anticipate its conclusion with bated breath.  The holiday season is a great time to practice all those stress reducing intentions we know we should do but that always seem to desert us at just the moment we need them most!  If nothing else build in quality alone time to do simple normal things with people you want to do it with, get plenty of rest and eat your green vegetables. If you are alone and don’t want to be, consider volunteering at a Christmas dinner that’s being sponsored by a non-profit agency. This is a great way to share the season with others, be rewarded in the spirit of giving and feel connected to something larger than yourself.

On the 22nd we’ll have the Winter Solstice being the shortest day of the year.  In the Tarot the Winter Solstice is represented by the Sun card, the birth of the twin gods of the solar cycle.  The Sun is born from the dark womb of the darkest night in the year, and on that day the hours of sunlight begin to lengthen and the power and strength of the sun begins its rebirth.

Adding to all the excitement, December will reveal a full moon on the 25th of all days!  The full moon is a time to see in the darkness, evaluate and purge that which no longer serves you.  We tend to do that on New Year's Eve anyway which is only 7 days later.   Note: If you know anyone working in emergency services on the 25th they'll appreciate a prayer of peace sent their way!

People do unusual things in December.  Connect with friends they haven't spoken to all year; buy odd stuff; take holidays and celebrate year's end.  It's a joyful, painful, exhilarating, depressing and spiritual time for millions around the world.  You'll notice the first profound energy shift on December 11th which marks the New Moon.  This is the two weeks when the building, planning, arranging and accumulating really gets kicked off.  So you can count on it that you’re really going to be feeling this energy this year!


I'm always excited about December.  Personally I’m flooded with glorious memories of my childhood Christmases.  My mother worked especially hard to cobble together a Christmas that was rich with tradition, ritual, indulgence and connection.  She had grown up deprived of all those luxuries and determined she would change that for her own family.  We baked and sang and wrapped and ate until we were just filled to the brim. Sometimes overwhelmed by nostalgia with Christmas carols pumping out of mall speakers – I madly dash to the exit or washroom before I embarrass myself in a flood of tears.  Achy nice though.

We'll experience the celestial feminine and masculine energies balancing (the Sun and the Moon); and we'll really feel the anticipation energy approach as the new moon is in full waxing mode by New Year’s Day. It won't be a boring month, of that we can rest assured. Be mindful of the language you use to express your feelings and ideas.  Your expressions this month will carry long tentacles of unfoldment into your future.
I wish you a safe and spiritual holiday season. The coming year will be ramping up into very high energy in prep for 2017 when the tidal wave effect started in 2012 begins to roll in. Astrologically it promises to be a year of tremendous change.
All the best of the season to you and your loved ones and I wish you spiritual abundance for 2016.

Blessings Kathleen

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