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Ghosts & Spirits Tarot

By Lisa Hunt

I have been a feminist for almost 50 years and a spiritualist for almost 30 of those years. 

Since 2007 I have been following the teachings of Cora L. V. Richmond and get excited when a book is released on women, sufferage and mediumship particularly in the 19th and early 20th centuries. When Lisa’s Ghosts & Spirits Tarot was released, I was excited and couldn’t wait to see what she had done to blend my two of my passions into one artistic expression!

A “No” for Those Slightly Nervous about the Tarot

What I liked about the deck at first flush was its finely detailed drawings inside a border that suggests antiquity and well-used. Although the cards feel new, shiny and modern, they don’t look it.  This border suggests old fogs and bogs in the English countryside. 

Some images admittedly are somewhat scary.  If you are reading for someone who is slightly nervous about Tarot, I wouldn’t recommend you use this deck.  The High Priest for example is a candidate for a futuristic, scary movie. If you look closely at his face, his eyes are completely white, his whitish hair is standing on end, blowing off to the right and his nether regions suggest drapery.  The same for The World Card which was a surprise.  Lisa has planted a skeleton at the centre with arms flung out in joy surrounded by spooky looking characters and birds circling overhead.

 The imagery would have been better suited for the Judgement card in my humble opinion but when I went to her accompanying little book and read, “The birds represent the flight of the spirit into higher planes of consciousness.  Their silhouetted presence merges shadow and light, delivering a collective sense of renewal and wholeness”, I connected much better to her chosen imagery.   Despite its macabre appearance, the meanings are about wholeness and renewal.  I doubt once you’ve studied this card, you’ll not soon forget its meaning when it comes up in a reading.

Tarot Minors Treated with Equal Respect

Overall however, I didn’t see this as a reading deck per se, but more a deck of curiosity and perspective.  It is a learning experience to read Lisa’s rationalizations for why she chose the images she did.  Her stories from mythology in combination with the images she’s drawn for the cards are tremendous memory aids in learning the meaning of the cards.

Lisa’s handling of the Minor Arcana is a pleasant surprise.  She gives them as much weight and attention as she did the Majors.  The 2 wands exemplifies this with her description and depiction of the “Doppelganger”.  “As one’s double, the appearance of this ghostly twin can presage ill tidings or death.  It casts no shadow and bears no reflection in the mirror or water, lending to its ominous presence…The girl’s red hair symbolizes fiery ambition.  She can either embrace those qualities that enable her to be focused and energized, or she can succumb to self-imposed fears as represented by her colorless counterpart.”  A brilliant two of wands!  Many of her minors are treated with the same respect.

A Spiritual, Mythical Journey Not to Be Missed

Lisa’s images are detailed and busy!  I would love to see this deck much larger to be able to take in the image in a whole way.  I found myself examining each card very closely, my eyes roaming around the card taking in pieces at a time which was mildly frustrating.  Also the accompanying book is so tiny and so packed full of great stories.  This is not your typical little white accompanying book and I guarantee you will want to read it.  You will want to know what those images are referencing and Lisa delivers this to the reader in rich, easy to read text!

Am I happy I bought this deck?  Yes I couldn’t possibly miss it.  It’s a spiritual, mythical journey into the tarot and Lisa is a smart guide.  She’s well versed in this subject and she’s a gifted artist as well.

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