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Gift Certificates for Readings
Clients often ask if I offer Gift Certificates for readings and I do.  I actually love reading for clients who have found me via a gift certificate.  They are typically people who have never had a reading before and come with an open mind, curiosity (sometimes nervousness!) and excitement. Sometimes they have been directed to read about me on my web sites but many times they know absolutely nothing about the way I work and are pleasantly surprised.

I have whole families who give each other reading Gift Certificates at Christmas and birthdays every year.  One family started with Dad who bought an online reading many years ago and had such a good time he bought gift certificates for all his grown children at Christmas.  Now his daughters come for readings and buy Dad a reading for his birthday and Christmas.

Other families include sisters, mothers and daughters and of course wives and husbands or men and their girlfriends.  That one can get a little dicey however especially if one has not been as faithful as they wanted the other to believe!

It can be a little challenging with Ether.  If you wanted to buy a friend a reading for a gift you could put money into your Ether account, book an appointment through Ether with me and have her over for a "surprise" reading at the appointed time.  Alternatively you could visit with her, sign into your account and change your phone number to hers and arrange a call to her number. 

If you wanted to arrange a Gift Certificate directly with me you could email me and we could make the arrangements privately.  I email or snail mail certificates to the giftee as well so they have something actually in their hands to accompany their gift card.

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