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Happy 2018 Holiday Season!
December really is the month for nostalgia, isn’t it?  Not that I seem to need much nudging in that direction these days.  It’s so true that aging brings with it, a reminiscing mind that can and often does, gallop out of control down the paths of old memories that hold such promise of sensual pleasure at this time of year. The visuals of lights, ornamentation and all the shiny things; the sounds of singing choirs, bands playing old familiar tunes, bells ringing and laughter; food, drink, games and gift giving twig memories of holidays gone past.  It’s a heady mix of sentimentality, longing and sensual overload.

Even if you opt out of most things Christmassy, you’ll still be inundated with the collective energies that are constellated at year’s end.

The Strain Drives Many to Be Neglectful & Cruel

For many, Christmas/New Years is so stressful, that that feeling tends to blot out any competing others, such as, joy, charity and renewal.  The strain of the financial and social-pretense pressures drives many to be neglectful and sometimes even cruel to their bodies, families, friends and neighbours.

The holiday season is a great time to practice all those stress reducing intentions we know we should do but always seem to ignore at that moment we need them most!  If nothing else, build in quality alone time to do simple, normal things with people you want to do it with.  Get plenty of rest and eat lots of green vegetables. If you are alone and don’t want to be, consider volunteering at a Christmas dinner that’s being sponsored by a non-profit agency. This is a great way to share the season with others, be rewarded in the spirit of giving and feel connected to something larger than yourself.

We’ll experience Winter Solstice on December 22nd, which in the northern hemisphere translates to the shortest day of the year.  In the Tarot, the Winter Solstice is represented by the Sun card which depicts the birth of the twin gods of the solar cycle.  The Sun is born from the dark womb of the darkest night in the year, and on that day the hours of sunlight begin to lengthen and the power and strength of the sun begins its rebirth. It's the month for Sagittarius who love adventure, learning, hard work and being a part of something much bigger than themselves.

The Perfect Night for Moon Gazing!

Adding to all the excitement, December will reveal a full moon on the same night as Solstice, making this the perfect night for moon gazing!  The last full moon in a year is the perfect time to finish up what’s incomplete in our lives – purge, donate, gift, cleanse and maybe even fast.  These are the kind of rituals that effectively and spiritually express the deeper meanings associated with this day.  To ramp the energy, invite others of like-mind to join you!

Rich with Tradition, Ritual, Indulgence & Connection

People do unusual things in December.  Connect with friends they haven't spoken to all year; buy odd stuff; take holidays and celebrate years’ end.  It's a joyful, painful, exhilarating, depressing and spiritual time for billions around the world.

I'm always excited about December as I’m flooded with glorious memories of my childhood Christmases.  My mother worked tirelessly to create Christmas’s that were rich with tradition, ritual, indulgence and connection.  She had grown up deprived of all those luxuries which had left her determined she would change that for her own family.  We baked and sang and wrapped and ate until we were just filled to the brim.

I wish you a peaceful and joyful holiday season! Be safe, healthy and mindful.

Blessings Kathleen

Quote for Year's End from Cora
"First and foremost you are required to have faith.  Of myself I do not laugh at this word;  being a philosopher I can afford to accept it as a factor in the universe of spiritual cause and effect; and when it was said that Jesus could not perform many miracles in his native place because of their unbelief or lack of faith, I understand what it meant.  It means this: that the faith which was necessary, is the step that you must take to RECEIVE the fact, not to PRODUCE it."

The Nature of Spiritual Existence and Spiritual Gifts: Discourses Given Through the Mediumship of Mrs. Cora L. V. Richmond, 1884.

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