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Happy Valentine's Day!

February 14th is the  “love” obsessed day of the year.  It's the day when I'm the busiest with clients anticipating that Lover’s Card in their readings.  Our partner-love feelings highlight the places in ourselves where vulnerability, tenderness, hope and soulfulness reside. 

This is where we tentatively take a step to see ourselves through another's eyes, and fiercely struggle to see our best attributes and accept those that mark us with shame and abashment.

Will the Oracle Offer Up Signs of Hope?

Our terrors of abandonment, dreams of sharing, hope of being recognized and treasured flood our psyches, pitching us into a maelstrom of childlike puzzlement.  I read for judges, doctors, professors, and actresses – people who are independent, resourceful and organized – that sit at my reading table saying, “Everything in my life is perfect!  But I want someone to love! Will I meet that special someone this year?”  I look into those hopeful, innocent and abashed eyes, and feel my heart swell with a joined pleading that the oracle offers up the ecstatic news they crave.  

 Without partner-love in our lives, we can feel lost at sea, rudderless, purposeless, and unknown.  We all hear often that we should love ourselves first, that partnership is a reflection of our relationship to ourselves, that we shouldn’t need a lover!  But all these platitudes mean nothing when we are lonely.  Be gentle to those who long for a partner, especially if that’s you! Love does make the world go around – most of us wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for partner-love. 

That Flash of Recognition!

There is someone special for everyone – and not just one!  Be patient. At a most unexpected moment, you will look up to catch a glance, a smile and suddenly! Joyfully! Your heart leaps! The room is warmer and a little brighter…that flash of recognition…there is quite simply nothing like it.  And when our love lives are in turmoil, there is nothing quite like that either. 

I hear no more poignant cry than, “Will we make it?”  When I get asked that question I can almost hear the tearing, ripping, rendering of the soul, and the painting The Scream pops into my head.  If you know someone who is “screaming” in the throes of this agony, especially if that’s you, be very, very kind with yourself for indeed, no greater pain is there, than that felt during lost-love.

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