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Healing a Love-Sick Heart
As you might imagine, I’m often asked by heart-broken clients,

“Why can’t I get over this guy/girl?  Do you know when I’m going to stop crying, obsessing, feeling horrible, depressed and down on myself?!”  This is an equal opportunity agony!  Age, sex, cultural heritage, religion, profession, self confidence make no difference. We’re all the same,

“Why does so-and-so adhere to my soul like crazy glue?  I dream about them, worry about their welfare, think about them every minute of the day despite how little regard they have towards me.  What is WRONG with me!? Am I nuts?  Are they coming back?” 

In a desperate bid to negotiate an explanation, people jump to all manner of irrational conclusions, such as, they knew this person in another life and divine providence has reunited them for another shot at bliss which their deserter has failed to notice YET.  This explanation is especially compelling if their meeting was synchronistic, or they share a psychic connection.  I always doubt this interpretation and usually when rationality returns, the rejected see why this explanation is unlikely.

Primary Emotions

There are two primary emotions that comprise the trunk of our emotional tree.  Fear and love.  The rest of our emotions are like branches and suckers that grow off this dual, primary emotional train.  Fear and love are opposite emotions and we shouldn’t be feeling them both at the same time.  If we do, it signals a mental illness that needs special attention and healing.  Sado-masochism, co-dependency and self-pity, for example, are symptoms when we feel both love and fear simultaneously.

Many mistakenly believe we cannot feel hate and love at the same time, but we can and typically do because they are the flip side of the same emotional coin. We do feel hate towards those we deeply love.  Remember how you felt about your parents when you were a teenager? 

Love’s Illusions

When we are having difficulty letting go of that forever-after-dream of the love we shared with someone, we are operating under two illusions:  One is that you can help that person defeat their limiting, relationship/commitment fears which will open the channels to allow the love to flow back in again. Even utilizing all the power accessible to you in the universe, you cannot make another want to take a risk or make a commitment to you.
People ask me, “What can I (or better yet you, Kathleen) do to change their feelings towards me?”

I often smile to myself about how easy it is to understand this apparent mean-spirited one-sidedness when it comes to ourselves. Hasn’t someone burned hot for you, yet for whatever reason left you feeling cold, indifferent and maybe even, dare I say… a tad repulsed?

Is there ANYTHING they could have done to ignite your fire?  Is there anything they could have said or changed about themselves that would have spurred you to wax poetic?  No? Or better yet would you want this person to have access to a Magician that could alter your feelings towards them? What a terrifying thought!

Illusion #2

Your love interest doesn’t really know how they feel and once you’ve awakened them (like Sleeping Beauty) they will realize they do truly love you.  There are sly and sneaky people who will promise to help you awaken your love interest to their true feelings for you for a modest or horrendous fee.  Don’t be fooled.  No one has the power to make someone love you. Only we have the power to change ourselves and even that is questionable when we can’t even make ourselves get over someone that clearly doesn’t share our feelings!

Don’t feel abnormal or crazy because you love someone more than they love you and can’t seem to stop.  That was the risk you were willing to embrace.  Be excited about your bravery, honesty and willingness to be vulnerable.  That is the gift of love. Know that by keeping up the faith and giving of yourself so generously and lovingly, some day another will catch your light and rush towards its glow with the same abandonment in which you are prepared to give.

The Dream of  a Deep and Abiding Intimacy

The desire to connect is powerful in us – its one of those hard-wired aspects of our psyche that is linked to survival, reproduction and safety. 

The most helpful thing you can do to help yourself recover from this unshared love is to pray for the subject of your desire.  Pray for their happiness, good health and spiritual enlightenment.  Send them your love (not by texting, NO texting!).  One day you’ll wake up and realize you have moved on and that sexy, sweet smiling person you met the other day…is wondrously taking up more and more of your psychic space.

Celebrate your ability to love that deeply and unselfishly. It’s a bounty of your abiding and generous spirit.  It’s what makes you special and to be chosen to be the conduit of this special love is a divinely inspired gift.  Don’t despair!  It’s not a sign that you’re crazy at all but rather one that you’re transformational and enlightened.

Blessings Kathleen

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Testimonial Snippet

"Thanks to  you Kathleen and your special gift  I  will do  my  best  to  be  strong  and  welcome  change. Thanks  a  lot.  You helped me a lot to start to accept things that happened. I’m sorry I got emotional.

You gave me clarification and reminded me to be careful of my decisions. When I hung up the phone I thought of my dreams. Twice I dreamed of a woman who was in the dark and I don’t see her face…everything is dark.

You have a very warm heart and I will keep in mind your advice. Thanks a lot. I look forward to another reading.


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