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How do we know when a “psychic” message is not a figment of our imagination or wishful thinking?

Not at all meaning to minimize the value of imagination or wishful thinking! Imagination and psychic insight are interconnected which is why it’s hard to differentiate one from the other.

Part of what makes a psychic development class so special, is the immediate feedback from another, either validating or correcting what you’re perceiving psychically. Your “testers” aren’t loved ones or even friends, just fellow travellers on the purple road.

A Physical Connection Fosters an Emotional Connection which Supports Psychic Insight

Each class in my psychic development course was a focus upon one area of psychic ability. In the second class, we explored telepathy and remote viewing. Sitting across from a partner, you were asked to rhythmically breathe together to achieve a deeper, nonverbal level of connection. Breath synchronization is a powerful tool to forge a bond. Healers use this tool to create simpatico with a client. Savvy sales people know how to do this too!

Further along in this telepathy exercise, students were instructed to hold hands with their partners and then while transmitting or receiving messages, to put their hands on the forehead of their partners. These exercises are designed to demonstrate how a physical connection can, and often does foster an emotional connection which in turn will facilitate a psychic connection.

One of the students had recently suffered a broken heart and everyone in the class picked up on the depth of this member’s sadness. It was a powerful moment in the class when everyone realized they had been picking up on a deep sadness in a fellow student which had been overwhelming most of the intentional psychic messages passed among the pairs of students.

This phenomena highlighted a process which motivated me to stop allowing more than one person at a time in my reading room. Sometimes the energy of one in the room overwhelms the energy of the reading and the whole story becomes about them, not the client who came in with an issue!

In the early stages of your psychic development, you’ll have to run with your imagination for a while until you’re able to discern the difference between imagination and psychic insight.


From Where or Whom is Transmitting These Psychic Messages Anyway?

Determining whose thought process this psychic message belongs to and what to do with it, is your next challenge. If you are receiving what you believe to be spiritual messages steering you along a path you would normally consider immoral or unhealth, then chances are these are coming from your shadow self.

Furthermore, you should be wary of any impressions which are in direct accordance with your wishes. When human desire is activated, there is lack of clarity in the perception of truth, particularly if your desire is a selfish one. Love, not desire is the source of all that is in spirit.

We all have wishes that we know will remain unfulfilled. This can be so annoying and stressful that our imaginations are ignited to fulfill this desire and ease the tension within us. That’s why reading for ourselves is rarely helpful.

Even having a dear friend read for you can be problematic. A loved one can be even more invested than you, in reading an outcome you deserve. I always warn my students about this snag. Be careful to avoid reading for loved ones – pass them along to another student. Share your relatives and friends! The reading has a better chance at accuracy and honesty.

Are Your Messages Selfish?

Trust only your impressions and intuitions that come at variance with your selfish wishes, for they are not only from the inner nature of your own spirit, but are doubtless the promptings of the guardian spirit to lead you aright. The moral energies intervene and frequently an impression may be in direct opposition to your individual wish and will. If the impression however does come upon a subject that you have no knowledge of and no judgement on, and an impression distinctly comes, obey it, for in nearly every instance when you do not obey, you regret it.

If you are attributing a message to spirit, the first question you must ask yourself, “Am I hoping for a particular outcome?” If there is even a hint of yes, you are very likely caught in a rationalization of wishful thinking and listening to the voice of desire not spirit.

Have an enlightening Spring Equinox on every level!

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