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Love is in the Air!!
Happy Spring!

Spring, like fall, is a season when we feel an awakening to new possibilities.   Like the budding plants and newborn chicks, a part of us that has been dormant in the long, dark nights of winter start nudging for emergence.  People start booking trips to parts unknown or even think about moving, changing jobs or retiring, leaving relationships and beginning new ones.

This psychic dynamic doesn’t travel in a straight line from the unseen to the seen.  It often travels by way of an intermediary or a host. 

Projecting Our New-Found Inner Gold

In a desperate bid to grab our attention, after having tried rather unsuccessfully many other tools at its disposal like dreams, our unconscious self will project our new-found inner gold onto a person.  Promptly we are consumed by every new little thing we discover about that person.  The first inkling of this psychic dynamic at play is when the other person appears to be so luminous that they practically glow in the dark.

That’s a sure sign that something is changing in us and we are projecting our gold because NO ONE is that great, right?  We might call them a guru, mentor, teacher, guide or…yikes… yes a lover! (Hence we also declare Spring is the time for love.)

While we are celebrating the magnificent, fantastic, astounding things we attribute to the other person, we are really seeing our own inner, secret depth and meaning.  Our inner gold has become just too unwieldly for us to embrace so we assign someone else to carry it for us for a time.  Eventually we’ll gain enough psychic strength to carry the load ourselves and we’ll take it back from them. Not typically the most pleasant of experiences.

The Power of Our Life Force Depends Upon their Grace

Projecting our inner gold gifts us a unique opportunity to advance in consciousness and spiritual development. When we see that we have given our spiritual gold to someone to hold for us, there are a myriad of ways in which we might respond.  We follow them with an eagle eye wherever they go.  Their smile can raise us to heavenly heights, and their frown will hurl us to hellish depths.  Every nuance of their actions and expressions are absorbed in minute detail.  A quirk of their eyebrow, a slight smile forming at the corner of their mouths, or their silence can affect how we feel that day.  The power in our life force seems to hinge on their approval or sanction.

In our culture, a mutual exchange of our inner gold is upheld as the prerequisite for marriage (this is when the inner gold projection falls under the rubric of falling in love).  You’ve projected your gold, your deepest inner value, onto the other person.  You’ve given it to them to incubate for a while, until you are ready to take it back.  For the relationship to succeed, you WILL have to take it back.
Unfortunately, that’s always accompanied with disillusionment.  The gold comes clattering home by way of disappointment.  A solid marriage can only prevail on human love, which is different from romantic love, being in love, or loveness. 
Our human life, our marriage, is fed by the capacity to love human to human.  When we’re in love, we put our gold- our expectations – on the other person, and this process sadly obliterates them from our view.

Projections Must Be Brought Home to Achieve True Relatedness

There is no relatedness between two people in this equation.  We are not able to truly see the other person as they are unto themselves.  We only see the projection of our own inner gold.

Recently a client (and she’s not alone by any means!) confessed that she annoyingly only seemed to fall in love with bad boys.  Never the decent, commitment sort of fellows.

I asked her if she’d ever considered buying a BAD motorcycle.  She looked at me astounded and said, “YES!  I’ve been secretly coveting one of those for years.” 
I said, “Do it!!  You won’t have such a craving for bad boys because you’ll be giving your inner bad boy space for expression.  No longer a need to project him onto another, you’ll find yourself inexplicably attracted to rather ordinary, nice fellows that make great mates and dads.  Like you, he’ll be a bad-boy biker at night and a rather square banker during the day.”

Know that that wondrous feeling of falling in love doesn’t have to last forever to be the best thing that ever happened to you. It may be serving the most important purpose of all which is to awaken you to the spiritual riches lying quietly within, sprouting buds and bursting to be realized. Whether lover, guide or mentor, your gold carrier maybe just the right combination to nurture and carry the load until you’re ready.  You’ll know when it’s time to schlep your own gold.  Your assigned gold carrier has become unworthy and, in all likelihood, has strolled off with hardly a backward glance. 

Have a growing, joyous and fulfilling April.
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"I wanted to thank you deeply for your reading you gave me back in April when I was in a huge crisis in my life. Your reading impacted my life in ways you cannot imagine. I am so thankful and grateful, and I'm also shocked because everything that you told me would happen, came true. Thank you Kathleen, for your insight and guidance. You truly impact and change lives everyday. Cannot thank you enough.
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