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May is Taurus month & the Empress card in the Tarot
When Taurus folk are in fine form, they are calm, practical, and hard working …and, unfairly I believe, often described as stubborn (“bullish”).  I tell my Taurus friends that when they are being accused of being stubborn, it is because their accuser is not in agreement. Taurus’ may appear to have a sudden change of heart. Then what can be even more surprising to their relations, is their unrelenting determination that is now uncharacteristically prepared to do battle. 

Taurus’ do tend to get an idea lodged in their brains which they are reluctant to release.  Often quite easy going however, don’t let that fool you.  A Taurus is inclined to going with the flow while internally remaining uncommitted to the direction until the moment to commit hits. Looking at you with surprise, they’ll say, “Oh no. That’s not for ME.”   They can be reserved about their feelings but don’t let that knock you off kilter either.  They love deeply, value loyalty above all else and are dedicated to what they truly believe in.  To the death. 

I always jokingly say that Taurus’s love pretty things and in fact they tend to be rather lovely themselves! 

Characteristically sturdy and resilient with steady nerves. They demonstrate their love by gifting generously.   I think of Taurus’s as the salt of the earth sort of folks.  Steady and honourable goes the course. They don’t like to argue but they can be vulnerable to anxiety which may be linked to frustration so when they blow, head for the hills because that volcano that only erupts every 500 years is about to explode.  Get out of the way!

The Empress as Maiden, Mother, Crone

May is heralded by the Empress in the Tarot. She’s out in all her finery!  She represents the sacred triangle of Maiden, Mother and Crone.  She is the Goddess embodied in the earth.  She symbolizes the forces in nature related to receiving, fertility and chaos.  A volcano sits quietly for eons until suddenly, randomly, inexplicably, it erupts in a fire-spewing frenzy destroying everything in its path, like what is happening in Hawaii right now. 

A little breeze in the Arabian desert picks up small particles of sand that will waft across the Atlantic until its force builds until it becomes a fierce hurricane wind whipping up millions of gallons of water and decimating everything in its path. This process starts in May and harvests on the east coast at the end of August and into September.

Generous, nurturing, loving, confident, and luscious; The Empress is Aphrodite the Maiden in her beauty and sex appeal; Hera the Mother, fiercely protective, proud and bodacious.  Finally, the apex of the Sacred Feminine Triangle, the ancient Crone as in the Goddess Hekate.  The Crone as wise grandmother who prepares a brew of hearty soup, all the while singing metaphoric songs of guidance. 

The Empress as May in the northern hemisphere offers fragrant plants, flowers and newborns. Unpredictability in weather, wild winds as changing temperatures shift around the planet and of course those glorious, sunny fresh days to remind you why living on earth is just the best place to be in the universe.

Taurus Can Be Hard Ground

The ground in May, like the earth element of Taurus is solid and can be a tough nut to crack.  You wonder if your plants are going to root and grow.  You wonder why the ground is resistant to your watering.  You watch anxiously over your garden to see if it’s going to do anything! That’s why there are so many festivals cross culturally dedicated to coaxing and celebrating the spring planting. May is key to human survival.  It’s in our DNA to be excited and yet nervous about May.
We might not all be in planting mode, but likely we’re planning/planting for the best summer ever!  Do you imagine the bounty of the BBQ?  Having fun in the sun with family and friends?  Family reunions? Weddings, picnics, births, outside activities?  All of this hearkens back to the time when we were planting the seeds that we would revel in watching grow all summer long and hope to harvest aplenty in late August, September and October.

I wish you a wondrous May!  Be mindful of the seeds you plant this month – they will continue to grow all summer long bringing that much awaited harvest four months from now.

Blessings Kathleen

"The ancient lunar calendar, which measured time by the thirteen moons in a solar cycle (rather than the twelve solar months in our year) was associated with Goddess-centred religions that honoured the moon and, by extension,  with women and women's culture and creativity. The unlucky connotation of the number thirteen arose through suspicious fear of the changeable moon and of the creativity of women in later patriarchal times. The moon after all, was associated with mortality and with the fear that arose from facing death."

The Wheel of Change Tarot by Alexandra Genetti

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“….you have no idea how accurate you were on some things….”

Kathleen, thank you so much for this afternoon!

My mom has been to many psychics in her life but she said that you were the first one that she truly felt comfortable with. You have no idea how accurate you were on some things with both of us! She has already been raving about you to all of her friends so I wouldn’t be surprised if a few call you.

Thanks again and hope to be in touch in the future


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