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Money Questions to a Psychic


Love, wealth and health are the most common questions asked of readers. In fact, the whole impetus behind “fortune telling” is seeded in the pursuit of “tell me my fortune”.

In connection to this, is the whole sibling type relationship between “gaming” and “fortune telling”. “Lady Luck” could easily be a sister to the Empress. That’s still true today – the language has shifted to be “career”, “financial security & investment” (gambling is more prevalent today than ever before with the “masses” participation in stock markets, buying on property on “spec”, collections of “antiques” and art, lotteries)

The connection between “love and money” represents the key opposites represented in the Tarot between “spirituality and the material plane”.


What I aim to offer is a spiritual perspective, and hopefully a mindful appreciation of present abundance, and an ethical perspective on need versus desire. I draw upon my intuition, discretion, and past experience in doing these readings. I aim to put power back in the hands of my clients, and remember some key issues with respect to money and career.

Money is a worldly manifestation of energy – it is a collectively contracted and acknowledged manifestation of effort, smarts, privilege, status, ability, superiority, recognition, appreciation, security, power and righteousness.

Money is a BIG symbol and having it or not leads to collective perceptions related to and reflective of enormous, secret and sacred emotional issues. I work to determine what are my clients really asking? Seeking the statement beneath the question. For example,  “I am afraid I’m going to be a total failure and live in abject poverty and no one will love me and I’ll live on cat food for the rest of my days.”

Our relationship to this energy called money mirrors our relationship with ourselves. It mirrors our relationship with the world around us – how we think others see us, what we believe we are worthy of. Our beliefs about money and career embody our thoughts about how we feel the universe nurtures us and supports us.

Notions such as doing what I want to do can’t also bring abundance materially is a common and mistaken belief. In other words, you can’t expect payment on both fronts. Daring to take a risk re money and career brings us face to face with whatever is going on within ourselves, for better or for worse. It brings up our hopes about survival, our fears of loss (Death).

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