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Oracles Use Different Tools

Most people who are new to readings don’t recognize or understand the difference between what a psychic tarot reader does and what other types of advisors do for clients.

Psychic is the generic term for all of what us kooks are rather famous and/or infamous for – accessing information through a supposed mysterious, unseen reality. Tarot cards are a divination or synchronicity tool much like stones, bones, sticks, coins and tea leaves.

Other methodologies for accessing this unseen reality would include a crystal ball, psychometry (holding an object belonging to the client), body energy (such as putting hands on back of neck and forehead) and palm reading.

Mediumship and Dreamworkers

Mediumship is a communication link between the entities of the spirit world and the inhabitants of the earth plane. The information passed to the client from the medium is understood to be downloaded directly from a spiritual entity. There isn’t a contract in place that a certain tool will be used as an instrument for the information – the medium is all the instrumentation used. Additionally there are different types of mediumship – your regular garden variety and the trance medium who completely resigns her own ego awareness to allow spirits to have absolute access to her consciousness and body.

Some are able to dream the future of others or diagnose illness and prescribe cures such as Edgar Cayce was able to do.  Others dream of those have passed and can accurately translate their messages into waking life.

No matter what methodology your psychic uses to access the mysterious, unseen reality, the experience is guaranteed to be intriguing and entertaining. It often confirms your own intuition, validates your a priori mind set before arriving at your psychic’s table and will likely reveal something you actually didn’t know or wouldn’t have thought of yourself.

Oracles have been used for thousands of years, certainly as long as humans have possessed the consciousness that there is more to life than what can be perceived through the five senses.

Oracles Have Always Been Predominantly Women

Herstorically oracles have been predominantly women, their services engaged by emperors desiring or needing to be assured that their kingdoms will continue to flourish and grow in prosperity. This is how the term fortune-teller came to describe the psychic advisory profession.

All Humans Have Psychic Ability

The gift simply manifests in different ways depending on genetics, receptivity, and nervous conditions. We are living indeed in a very exciting time when more and more people are recognizing and trusting their psychic senses as surely as their sensory functions.

When I was first introduced to the tarot, there was a wide spread fear that it was a dark, even evil product stemming from a malevolent force in the unseen and seen worlds. Now there are millions of tarot cards in print and it wouldn’t be surprising to find one tucked into a drawer of most people’s desks or bureaus in the western world!

Times are certainly a changin’. And not all for the worst.

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