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Playing Psychic Games Aug-01-2015

Develop Your Psychic Ability

I’ve taught several psychic development classes over the years. Typically this popular course was structured over an eight week period, meeting weekly for a couple of hours. The first hour was a lecture/discussion on a type of psychic ability and the second half of the class was an exercise or game to practice and hone natural gifts and develop greater control and skill. On the first night of the course, I would bring psychic testing cards to establish an uncultivated base line and on the last night of the course we would test it again to see if there had been any changes or improvement.

An example of a psychic ability that we would work was psychometry. Psychometry is the ability to hold an object belonging to someone who may or may not be present and psychically receive messages and information related to the owner. The owner of the object may have passed onto spirit for example, and a relative offers the object to the psychic in the hopes that some message or information is passed through this object/conduit. This is based upon a theory that objects hold vibrational energy, sometimes forever or until the object is cleared or passed into the hands of a new owner.

The owner of the object infuses their vibrational energy into this object (particularly those items deeply valued and held it a lot) and the psychic who is gifted in psychometry is able to translate this energy into pictures or text or verbal descriptions which the client can better understand. For our class exercise, I asked everyone to put an object of theirs into the centre of the room (all the others would cover their eyes so they wouldn’t know whose object belonged to whom) and then taking turns, everyone would pick an object from the pile, hold it, and free associate about what the energy of the object was conveying. It was great fun! But the most amazing part of the experience for most was how accurate those energetic translations turned out to be.

What do you see in the crystal ball?What do you see in the crystal ball?

Psychic Ability Just Atrophies Through Neglect

There is a misconception about psychic ability; that it is either in you or it isn’t. You are born with the ability or you aren’t, period. It’s true that we are born with extra strength in one psychic ability or another, however, you can develop psychic ability to a much greater extent than you might realize. For most people, it’s simply dormant and like any unused muscle, it will atrophy after years of neglect. But just as exercise works to develop muscles long ignored, so psychic exercises and tests will develop your psychic muscle.

One man describes how he trained himself to be psychic,
“I started out the only way I knew – by trying. I had friends think orders to me. They’d think ‘light a cigarette, change your mind and crush it out.’ Or ‘march forward, turn left.’ Like any good recruit, I’d turn right. It amused everybody, but me. I’d ask people to hide objects in a room, then mentally direct me on a treasure hunt. One day an acquaintance, thought, ‘go, pick up the pitcher.’ And I did. We were both excited.”

There seems to be a connection between play, games, laughter and psychic ability development even though most people discover the gift when under enormous emotional strain.

Playing Psychic Games with My Mother

Development of psychic ability however, is more controllable when the subject is relaxed and even better if they’re laughing. As a teen, I was encouraged to play psychic games with my best friend and my mother. Both of them loved to test my ability and observe the results. My mother used to ask me to figure out the name of a clerk serving us, or who was on the other end of the ringing phone, or what was going on with my aunt in another city. The more I practiced with these games the more accurate I became.

My best friend used to ask me to figure out where the boys were and when they would be passing our way, or what might be on the final exam or whether some boy at school liked her and would ask her out. My ability certainly did intensify with these exercises, teaching me that this ability could be cultivated and developed to sometimes rather mind-blowing degrees. The exercises and games help us to locate that ability in our heart and mind and know when it’s turned on or whether you are simply accessing your imagination and wishful thinking centre.

Imagination or Worry?

That’s always the biggest challenge. Figuring out if your psychic senses are working or if your imagination or worry is in overdrive. The degree to which you are invested in the outcome will be the degree to which you can trust the information which is why most psychics go to other psychics for readings themselves.

Try out a few psychic games and exercises with a partner or group of friends. I guarantee you’ll be surprised and delighted by the results.

Blessings Kathleen

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