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Psychic Ability Classes in the Past
Years ago, I taught a class on growing/honing your psychic ability along with several other esoteric/psych courses such as, how to interpret your dreams and reading the Tarot for self & others.  Usually a dozen of us met weekly X 2 hours X 8 weeks. During the first half of each class, I chatted on a particular divination tool and the psychic ability that would flourish well with that tool.  The second half of each class was a psychic practice exercise both for development and understanding.  In between the work and laughter, we told inspiring psychic stories.  It was great fun, most of all for me.
I had “testing” nights at the beginning, half way through and at the last class to gauge/measure how everyone’s ability had shifted through their work in the class.

Zener Cards

Zener cards were one of our primary measuring tools.  I discovered the Zener cards in 1971 when I was preparing for a presentation to my Grade 10 Physics Class on psychic ability. At 15 I thought psychic ability would be the perfect subject matter to break the typical tedium of physics for most students.  It was!  When I asked at the end if there were any questions, I was stormed with all sorts of comments and questions. Even the teacher was intrigued and had a host of questions that he wanted to ask me after class. Nothing untoward of course, he was just a closet psychic freak.

The Zener cards have been in production and use by the Rhine Institute since the ‘30’s for psychic ability testing.  You can still find Zener cards through most metaphysical outlets.  They can be fun to play with your friends and family.  You might even want to launch your own psychic ability exploration group.  It just takes one to get it started.

A Pendulum

One of the psychic tools we studied and practiced in our class was the pendulum.  The origins of the pendulum would be as difficult to track her/storically as the Tarot, but at some point in time there is a record of a pregnant woman fashioning a simple pendulum out of a probably worn-out darning needle on the end of a thread.  The woman or a diviner if one was handy, would suspend the needle over the woman’s abdomen and watch for which direction the suspended needle would go first.  The pendulum continued to develop over the 20th century but like all divination tools, it’s not a guaranteed perfect fit for you. You might have to practice with many different pendulums until you find one that consistently reliable to you.  Just a warning that this process might take many years.  If you have an opportunity to take a pendulum class with an experienced diviner and good teacher, don’t hesitate!  You can’t beat in person training for this tool.

Men interested in pendulum power tended to feel a greater affinity to divining rods.  Rods are typically but not exclusively used to search for minerals and water.  Both practices are based on the same principles.  People have used this method to find lost or stolen objects, make decisions, and heal.  The pendulums spiraling energy can be used for healing in the hands of a spiritual healer with the kinesthetic psychic gift.

The pendulum is another handy tool to begin your intuition/psychic ability explorations because of its use in answering simple yes and no questions. It’s portable, simple and quick. 

There are many psychic tools available to the aspiring psychic aficionado, but most psychics use their own feelings, intuitions, senses, insights more than any tool. Tools can be handy and sometimes it’s more about confirmation and validation.  Sometimes the tool affords you an opportunity to look at the situation from a different perspective.
I wish you a glorious February. Here in the northern atmosphere, February is like our month of rest.  Take advantage! Spring Equinox is only a month away and brings with it demands of busy-ness.  Some welcome and some not so much.  In February, we can be warmly excused for our cocooning because of the weather, darkness and flu season or we can even say we’re taking it easy to prevent a threatening flu/cold.  Everyone nods sagely in understanding. We’ve all been caught with a spring cold that lingers annoyingly almost to summer.  Take it easy this month, get lots of rest, fortify yourself for 2019 spring just around the corner.

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