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Psychic Readings & Morality
June is represented by the Lovers card in the Tarot and it’s Gemini month in astrology.

The Lovers card means we are facing a complex either/or choice.  On the one hand the outcome looks predictable, on the other, the outcome is unclear and risky.  In terms of romantic lovers, it would point to having to choose between thrill and steady or affair and commitment.
Gemini as the sign of the twins, is a focus on soul mates, connection and communication.  It’s also suggestive of the duality within the Gemini:  The twins existing in one person. June is a solstice month when exactly ½ the day is light and ½ is night which is why Gemini is so well represented in June.  Darkness and light in an equal and balanced duality.

Psychic Readings and Morality

One of a reader’s most complex challenges is her/his own prejudices/assumptions/moral code.  It’s a slippery slope!  Most importantly, a reader needs to know what their limitations are - what’s negotiable for them and what isn’t.
A client with a married lover is a case in point.
I don’t suffer strict moral limitations on this issue. In my view and experience, some, maybe even most, people are simply not monogamous. My experience, which may be skewed admittedly, would suggest most people can DO monogamy as a sacrifice to have the other goodies they like in a committed, long-term relationship but given their druthers, they would take new lovers whenever they wished.
It’s a promise made at a time, under a set of circumstances that may shift when a life change takes place, such as the birth of a child.  The commitment to remain together for monetary or child-rearing reasons, along with the transformed decision to open the relationship to new partners may happen at any time in a relationship’s journey.  For both sexes.  I’m not one that subscribes to the notion that women are, by some freak of nature, more monogamous than men.  The fact that this is typically more evident is simply social conditioning at play.

Online dating

This works for some but in my experience, a minority succeed in finding their true love online.  Foremost, you must go at it with the right mind-set.  It’s a mine field! Lying on profiles, having a steady girlfriend or being married and the partner living elsewhere, photos that are decades out of date, height, weight, job and hairline exaggerations.  Online dating is like running across a fast-moving river and trying not to sink.  You must take it all LIGHTLY - moving on from next to next lightning fast.  Don’t take any of it personally or seriously and be realistic in your approach – too good to be true? Do you think he’s/she’s gorgeous, smart, successful, kind, generous, funny and single?  Needing to meet their true love online because they can’t find anyone that will put up with them in person?  Seriously?

Love Takes Years

I’m often asked if their lover loves them.  True LOVE takes years to emerge, evolve and grow deep roots.  Love at first sight is LUST at first sight.  No one truly loves you until they’ve experienced you in all your disgusting glory – sick, vulnerable, making mistakes, stupid and otherwise. When we commit to being with one person for a lifetime, it’s their faults that will become our teachers and their gifts our enlightenment. 
Making a commitment to this one person is the single biggest mistake you don’t want to make.  It will be a far greater investment than anything you might buy.  I’ve known people to spend more time humming and hawing over a car purchase than declaring a life time commitment to someone.  Your committed relationship will affect your health (for the good or bad), longevity (yes, married women die younger than single women and married men live longer than single men), financial stability (or not), career trajectory (self-confidence, workaholism), childbearing and rearing, and family relationships. It’s HUGE.
Now you know why it’s so easy to fall in love in June. Be intuitive and wise, circumspect and spontaneous – find that balance in the dark and light as you navigate this wondrous and treacherous journey ahead.

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