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September's Synchronicity
I love September!  It’s the month when I feel that indescribable yet persistent itch to start something new.  I’m filled with relief, anticipation, sadness, nostalgia, preparedness and intention.  This month will mark our second anniversary returning home to Victoria.  How fast that has slipped by! It’s been glorious in every way but makes for a hard act to follow as I search around for a new undertaking this year.  I do a have a couple of sewing projects of course in mind…

Mysterious Messages Sent By?

Throughout our childhood, school would mark this month with a big S for SCHOOL.  New clothes, new friends and environments, and an anxious anticipation that this coming year will be as great as or even better than last year. I think September carries as much feeling of anticipation as the start of a new year.

It’s also a time of synchronicity.  Synchronicity is like seeing the same number show up in several different places for example, 111, 222 or 333 etc. Clocks, license plates, amounts of money will all display these numbers more often than usual, in fact so often it’s impossible to ignore.  Expressions, objects, and names or places also pop up in different places but in hard-to-miss sequences.  We begin to question if someone isn’t trying to get a message through to us – who that might be is part of the exciting mystery.  Unravelling that mystery becomes like a persistent tooth ache.  “What could this mean?” we constantly ask no one in particular.  We do so hate to not get the message right in case it’s a warning or a signal to do something that’s time sensitive.

Sometimes however, we interpret apparently related events as synchronicity, when really they are garden variety psychic events.  For example you will think of someone and they phone you out of the blue after perhaps years of not connecting (telepathy); or you have a dream of an event and shortly thereafter you have the experience in your waking life (clairvoyance). You lose an item and search everywhere for it; the next day you do another search and there it is in a drawer you were sure you checked the night before (telekinesis). These are not synchronistic events although they may be interpreted as such.   

When I experience a noticeable jump in synchronicity I interpret it as a sign that I am marching to the right beat.  I am perfectly synched with my destiny and making the right decisions.  With September here you should be noticing jumps in synchronicity.  Whether you are conscious of it or not change is brewing in and all around you.  There is masses moving as students go off to higher schools of learning, vacationers catching the last weeks of summer, and shopping is ramped up ten fold to prepare for the coming change of season. 

Do Something that Honours those Feelings of Anticipation

You will be craving change with accompanying feelings of anticipation and if you don’t put some change in place you’ll be left with feelings of restlessness and irritability. So make a plan for some kind of change this month.  Launch a project, take a course, plan a trip, organize an event; do something that honours that need and then observe all the synchronicity the plan triggers.

If you are finding this time of year ramps up your anxiety reflect back on the Septembers of your youth.  Did your family move a lot and you found yourself having to adjust to new schools regularly? Was school a nightmarish experience for you?  If this is so, then determine to make this September a joy filled powerhouse of a month.  See if you can turn the tide on these old, deep seated feelings of nervousness.   It really can be a wondrous time of year if you tap into that promise of change and put it to work for you!

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