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Spiritual Guidance
What does receiving spiritual guidance mean? I think it carries different meanings and nuances for different people but considering how many clients contact me declaring this is what they need, most people must have a sense of what it is.

How to Find a Spiritual Mentor

Clients who declare, “I need a spiritual mentor”, don’t always have a specific question per se but they are having problems. Making a decision they won’t later regret; health related issues regarding diagnosis and/or treatment options; relationship conflicts which may involve marriage or extended family; money worries, career change, retirement or mental illness can all send someone in pursuit of psychic and/or spiritual advice. Finding your spiritual mentor should involve deciding what qualities are the most important for you to see in a spiritual guide. Their beliefs, attitudes, place in life, experience, education, but most importantly, do they resonate with you on more than one level?

If it isn’t an option for you to see me in person, there are two online, distance options available to you.  You can arrange distance spiritual guidance through my online phone service called Ether or you may submit a payment through PayPal and arrange an appointment to speak with me.

Spiritual seekers in pursuit of spiritual readings online from a spiritual psychic advisor are not seeking logical answers (they typically have plenty of that already!)  What I believe they are seeking is a random, unpredictable, higher perspective comment on their situation. What does spirit has to say about their life situation is what I hear when they request spiritual guidance or a spiritual tarot reading.  In ancient times people would say, “What is the will of the Gods”?

What Does a Spiritual Advisor Do That is Unique?

Depending on the skills and gifts of the spiritual advisor or spiritual consultant, a spiritual advisor and mentor will typically consult a divination tool such as Tarot and/or access messages through another mental process.  There is a slight difference in how these spiritual messages are conveyed depending on whether that spiritual guidance has been sought online or in person but the process is not so vastly different. I feel that an online spiritual advisor actually has less information to go on than an in person one does.  When in person the psychic spiritual advisor has the benefit of expression, body language, dress, age and a host of other personally evident hints that a spiritual psychic may draw upon about the client.

Spiritual Guidance Simplifies Matter at Hand

They are often as amazed as I am by what spirit has to say!  It’s typically not at all what they’re expecting or what I could have predicted.  Sometimes spirit advises them to hang in there; sometimes it just tells them the situation is kaput and it is time to mourn and move on in a new direction.  Clients inevitably do say it’s been helpful and they feel better with greater conviction and clarity about what has happened and what they need to do next. 

Recipients of spiritual guidance feel more committed and resolute in their decision.  They feel confident they won’t be riddled with regret or second guessing.  Spiritual guidance has a way to simplifying the matter at hand, offering up the options before you and helping you to get straight into your heart’s centre where knowing what is right and true is as clear as a fresh lake.

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