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Spring & Spirit is in the Air!

There is too much metaphysical nonsense on the internet that passes for spiritual wisdom. New age book shelves are filled with how-to books on being a spiritual healer, medium, or a psychic and the result is that most people are just completely discombobulated on the whole subject.  I think a good starting place to ponder the psychic/spiritual quandry is to answer the question for yourself, “Where does this information come from?”  From other people?  Souls who have passed onto the spirit world? The divine?

One very wise woman I know described it as a pot of spiritual gold that we can all tap into using our varied gifts and tools.  I like that analogy!

It is a psychic’s responsibility to help people get in touch with divine wisdom – to be the channel for this wisdom.  To help rediscover the path of right purpose which is your spiritual destiny – your joy and your challenge.

A deeper, more meaningful world exists all around us that we cannot perceive with our five senses.  It is the invisible plane of energy vibrating through the cosmos, the world of magic, the spiritual realm, the all-pervading presence of the divine.

See the Divine Presence

Being psychic is about finding magic in everyday life. There have always been a few gifted people in the tribe who can move beyond the physical realm and into the spiritual.  With an effortless shift in perception, they see the divine presence in everything.  Since the early development of our cerebral cortex mystics have played an important role in human evolution.

Mystics come into this world with a little something extra, but they don’t have the exclusive rights to the world beyond the senses.  Each of us has part of the mystic in our genetic makeup.  Even if we can’t enter the transcendent dimension as fully or as easily as mystics like Joan of Arc, we can share some aspects of the mystical experience.

We all have the ability to see the divine in everything! All we have to do is allow ourselves to trust our intuitive powers, expand our awareness and receptivity. When we do this, our souls are profoundly capable of absorbing spiritual truth when we feel it.

Nothing separates a person from the experience of the divine except a closed mind.  A mind that allows it-self to only perceive the physical world and use only the intellect for discernment is what I mean by closed.  We are living in a world now that desperately needs to reclaim the mystical experience of the divine.  This need can be seen in the way people are so keenly seeking meaning and a higher purpose.

The world around us is also suffering because we have a collectively wounded connection with mystical experience.  For centuries, our earth has been looked on as something to be conquered and controlled.  We have polluted the rivers, the oceans, and the air.  We have lost respect for the other life forms that share the earth with us.

A Mystical Mind Supports Unlimited Impressions

The mortal mind is grounded and characteristically stuck in the world of the physical senses. The mystical mind operates apart from your sensory perceptions.  In a psycho-spiritual sense, the mystical mind allows you unlimited impressions and intuitions and reignites you with the divine’s presence.  It is responsible for those aha! moments when you know you have been downloaded with your rightful and authentic wisdom.

Psychics are able to tap into the mental energy of other people and through this connection we can know a person’s thoughts and emotions and what they have experienced in their lives.  This is really a connection to the person’s divine essence, which is a manifestation of the divine energy of the universe. This is why psychics can know something of a person’s destiny.  What psychics and mystics share is this connection with the unseen world of the sacred.

The first step is to trust your intuition and psychic impressions.  An unused muscle is not dependable.  Practice acting on your feelings and intuitions without second guessing yourself or discounting it with a closed mind. I know you’ll be excited and surprised by its accuracy and creativity.

Wisdom is an Attribute of Soul

Knowledge is an attribute of the mind, and wisdom is an attribute of the soul.  As far as soul is concerned, knowledge without wisdom is useless.  The good thing is that the universe will always bring you situations that allow you to practice what you have been reading or learning about- opportunities to transform knowledge into wisdom and nourish your soul.

If you fail to attend to these opportunities, the spirit world will keep massaging and poking you until you do.  The sacred and you have eternity to learn to work together but it sure can be helpful while you’re labouring here in this corporeal world.

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"Hi Kathleen,

Thank you for the reading yesterday.  I have a lot to think about and I appreciate your insights.  I only wish I found you sooner but I know events happen as they do.  I know I can contact you but I am “old school” and like to “see” a person.  Thanks again

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