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Spring is for Fools
Spring! Crocuses are poking up, cherry blossoms are blooming, the earth smells rich with promise and best of all, the SUN is returning to us here in the north!  We see it earlier in the morning and she sticks around a little later into the evening. Spring makes you feel like moving your body. You have a Spring in your step.  Springing into action.   Springing to life.  The older I get, the more I notice this phenomenon.

In the Tarot, Spring is the season of the Fool.  The Fool is 0, all potential. The Fool, the symbol of beginnings, represents our first step into embodiment.  Each new venture we embark upon in our lives puts us back in the Fool’s space.  Take a risk.  Do something you’ve never tried before.  Go forth, explore, learn, grow, take risks, fall off a cliff.

The Fool is typically depicted as a character walking with their head lifted, eyes focused on the horizon and skyward.  Little attention being paid to the ground.  No notice of the little dog that jumps on her hind leg, warning her of the potential dangers ahead.  Onward and upward.  A spring in her step, a look of happy anticipation on her face.  You know, that la de da look.  Open with trust and faith that this is going to be a wondrous adventure.

Fulfilling Your Life’s Purpose 

When the Fool card shows up in a reading, it signals that you need to have the confidence to take a risk to pursue your heart’s desire.  You are being pulled to fulfill your soul’s purpose.  You are discovering who YOU are, what YOU want and what YOU can do. It means you must and will have the energy to make choices, stand your ground and believe in yourself.

When the Fool is issued as a warning, it describes a situation where all this wonderful “spring” energy is stuck.  The Fool impetus is not being given license to express itself fully.  You are at risk of making a “foolish” choice.  Taking no action would be just as detrimental.

In a Negative Placement The Fool Indicates Pathological Dependencies

Making wrong choices, refusing to commit to any course of action, paranoid and pessimistic, lacking self-confidence, following a path of least resistance instead of seizing control of your life and destiny threaten to derail the recipient of this Fool’s warning.  Further, this blocked Fool may be refusing to grow up and accept responsibility. A Fool in this negative place is being wishy-washy, half-hearted, dependent and self-defeating. It means you are settling for this stuck place and refusing to listen to sage advice.  You are being cowardly which is derailing you from your path of true destiny.
When we block this energy to venture forth with trust and a sense of adventure. we are wasting our lush human potential through lack of initiative and courage.

On a positive note it might just be the message the Fool needs to hear right now to be spurred into acting!  We may know well that we’re stuck but we’re still afraid to take that leap of faith. Hearing this in a reading is often the nudge we need at just the right time.

Spring sets off a flurry of exciting plans for travel, visiting, adventure, activities and relationships.  It’s a time to fall in love.  Be in Paris. 

Spring Equinox will arrive at 9:15 AM on Tuesday March 20th for us on the west coast.  This is when the sun is at the equator (Equinox) right in the middle between the northern and southern hemispheres.  There was a time when humanity celebrated this time with festivals and community events.  The Equinox marked the time of planting, a return of warmth, light and an ease of living. 

Regrettably, much of this has been culturally lost, though vestiges of its significance is carried in most of the world’s major religions.  This article outlines 10 of them around the world.
I wish you a Joyful Spring!  Rich with promise.

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