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Synchronicity is Magical

Synchronicity is the Word…

used by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung to label our experience of two seemingly unconnected events taking place simultaneously.  For example, paying for an item at the till an amount that weirdly matches your birthday number and it’s on your birthday that it happens.  Hearing from 3 different friends on the same day who share the same first names.  These synchronistic events feel related and spur us to ponder their meaning. 

As a child, once I got a few of these oddball synchronicities under my belt, I tried to make it happen. I started loving the feeling.  It was exciting, mysterious and somehow uplifting.  Riding my bicycle down a hill with my eyes closed, climbing into a freezing bath, hanging from the monkey bars as long as I possibly could, annoyingly didn’t seem to do the trick.  That delicious, sparky synchronicity experience persistently adhered to random and nonsense. 

Separating synchronicity from psychic ability however was my adolescent challenge. I knew I was psychic from a very young age so thinking of someone and bumping into them was more about connecting with them psychically than synchronicity.  Dreaming of something or someone and having it manifest in waking life was chocked up to psychic experience too. 

Synchronicity was different.  It was more about connecting to something else – something rather grand and outside the realm of just me.  I would wonder who was orchestrating this synchronicity.  What did it mean in general and specific terms?

I’ve a couple of real dandies.  As a psychic reader of course I come across oddities that some might describe as synchronicity but I would classify more under the heading of psychic.  One woman made an appointment to meet with me under quite extraordinary circumstances.  She had seen a psychic months earlier while visiting a friend in London, England.  The psychic told her she must see a psychic reader that is practicing close to her home in Canada in a tea room and her name is Kathleen.  The story gets stranger. 

Upon returning home, naturally she went on a hunt for a reader named Kathleen who was doing readings in a local tea room.  It didn’t take her long to find me.  She was shocked to discover I was working out of a tea room she frequented with her girlfriends and had never heard of me!  The fact I was practicing in her favourite little Tea Room and didn’t know until meeting with this psychic in London was a mind bender for everyone.

Perhaps the Most Extraordinary Experience…

I’ve had with synchronicity happened while I was living in San Francisco in 1989 studying for my M.A. in east/west psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies.  I had decided that spring that the course I was taking with Angeles Arrien on Transitions which focused on the teachings of the I-Ching, was to be my last.  It was offered to me free of charge by the school as recognition for some scholarship achievement or other which was the only reason I had delayed my return to Canada by a few months.
I was feeling rather wistful after that first class (April 1989) and headed to a Hunan Restaurant on the Haight to have lunch.  After my meal, the waiter brought the bill with a fortune cookie. Gotta love those fortune cookies.  I opened the cookie to read the message with my usual curious-but-not-expecting-anything-profound frame of mind, and it read, “You need a new environment.  Try Canada.”

Squawking I leapt to my feet.  I zoomed to an alternate universe. I honestly couldn’t imagine I was still on earth. The waiter rushed over to see if everything was okay.  I said, “This fortune cookie! It’s impossible!” I noticed everyone in the restaurant was now observing me with some trepidation.  Oh God another loony loose on Haight Ashbury! Embarrassed I quickly paid my bill and walked all the way home not noticing the 5 km. 

I just couldn’t get my head around this fortune cookie.  It was such a perfect answer to what was troubling me.  I felt such joy that I was making the right decision to leave San Francisco – and all because a fortune cookie told me so.  The fact that the waiter had just casually reached into a box of fortune cookies and pulled just that one out for me was simply beyond anything I could comprehend.  That’s synchronicity.

A Realization I had While Walking Home…

was that synchronicity was like dreaming.  If we don’t pick up a dream message on its first run at us, we will have the dream again, and again until we do.  I had an insight that synchronicity must be subjected to the same interpretive process.  I really thought I must have missed a few signals before this incident with the fortune cookie to push the universe to resort to such an extreme measure. 

Upon returning home to Canada I watched the news like a freak expecting something disastrous to happen in San Francisco and indeed there was a destructive earthquake in October of that year that would have impacted me. 

Most importantly however, I met my husband just a short month after my return which I felt was the true reason for a need for me to return to Canada right at that time. He was on his way out of town and would only have been around for another month before meeting me. Time was of the essence the universe (or whoever!) felt – get this girl back to Canada asap!

David Wilcock in his Fascinating Book Titled,

The Synchronicity Key posits that synchronicity is a sacred process to remind us that we are all connected, that we are all ONE. It’s a signal that wakes us up to this sacred reality of unity and connectedness.  I know it has rattled me awake many times in my life and I am always thankful when it happens.  It’s exciting, regenerating and warming to our hearts and minds. There is a sense of order in the universe.  Everything is connected.  We are not alone.

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