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Tarot Cards are Not Based Upon any Christian Dogma
Every time I say or write 2018, I get a jolt.  It sounds like a date that should be far into the future.  We’re almost a fifth of the way into the 21st Century.  I was born half way through the last one and well…that’s just weird.

The Tarot card that exemplifies this time of year is the Judgement card.  Whenever I turn over this card, clients worry it means they will be judged harshly.
On Judgement Day (according to scripture), the world is at an end and those still alive shall be irrevocably judged by the divine.  Let’s be honest.  Most of us would fail to pass the mustard subjected to an all-seeing scrutiny which is why Judgement Day has rarely been construed to be one to anticipate with bated breath.

The good, stay and the bad, go.  Those already in spirit will live again if they deserve to, although what a blessing this would be, is debatable. No wonder the Judgement card is rather worrisome to most people.

or any religious dogma for that matter. They possess a unique symbolism which has evolved through many associations throughout the centuries, most of which has been debated vigorously, ad-nauseam.

Unlike Judgement Day, the Judgement card in the Tarot is a welcome sight.  It symbolizes forgiveness, refresh and rebirth.  It’s about letting go of all those pesky old resentments, vengeful fantasies (as delightful as these can be which is what makes them so addictive) and frustration.  It’s about live and let live.  Joy to the World and all that good stuff.  This is a, “everything is all good so we can move forward”, card.

At the arrival of the dawn, all rise and lift their arms to the sky, confident that goodness will prevail, and justice will be fair.  It’s about realizing with tremendous relief that all that toxic, stinky, old anger is healed and no longer a burden that we must drag around like a dead pet.  We’re free and filled with light.  We’re fresh with promise and ready to embrace a new day.

That’s what the bringing in of the New Year should be.

Our end of December reflections is summarized and filed.  We’ve heartily congratulated ourselves for all we accomplished in the year just passed and noted those failures we’d rather not repeat EVER again. Resolutions are identified and pledged. Projects left incomplete top our list to be finished at the start of the year.  We’re fresh, resolved and re-energized.

We’ve embraced relatives and friends with magnanimous good will throughout the holiday season just passed and laughed heartily (perhaps with the help of a little inebriation) at passed misunderstandings and miscommunications.  We are feeling all is right with us and our loved ones.  Now it’s time to bring in a new year.

It’s a Wondrous and Luminous Time

I wish you a memorable 2018 whatever that means to you.  I wish you a year beyond even your imagination.

I wish you the resolve to adhere to your resolutions (don’t forget to include a few spiritual ones in there as well as physical ones) but even more importantly that you are able to forgive yourself heartily when you fail to.  Keep in mind that about 80% of us have given up on these resolutions by mid-February.

Resolve is about motivation. What are you motivated by?  Fear, achievement, social currency, power, growth or reward are the primary keys to what motivates us but really what motivates YOU is as individualistic as your fingerprint.  If you can identify what motivates you, you can use this to propel you to the next level you wish to achieve over the coming year. Whatever that might be!

I hope the problems that were plaguing you throughout 2017 are remedied not so far into 2018.

As collectively we turned over the Judgement card yesterday, let us commit to forgiveness, gratitude and rebirth for a fresh start today.

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