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The Hermit Tarot Card & Virgo
September is the birthday month for Virgo which is another reason why I love September so much.  All signs have their gifts and limitations but there’s something so irrepressibly adorable about those Virgos.  Characteristically sincere, anxious to please, and loyal, I’ve yet to meet a Virgo I didn’t like.  They can be critical, picky and verbose but rarely are they dishonest, narcissistic, manipulative or mean spirited.  Their gifts far outweigh their flaws. 

If you have a Virgo friend or lover, consider yourself one of the chosen.  They dole out their love sparingly and likely you don’t even know they love you but you can be sure if they’re hanging with you, they love you because they’re just happy most of the time to be by themselves.  Virgo of course, is the sign of the Virgin but in this case it’s not about sexual virginity but in a wholeness unto themselves way as Marion Woodman (Jungian, Toronto-based psychotherapist who died this year) describes.

Virgos Like to Chat

Virgo sits in my mid-heaven on my astrological chart which helps to balance and ground my Scorpio sun. It’s helpful in some respects when it comes to work for example, but on the negative side, it further hampers my ability to express those deeper emotions roiling around in my Scorpio soul. 

Because Virgos struggle to express their feelings, they regard others who can find just the right words to express feeling, particularly those deeper and complex ones, with amazement and a kind of worship.  Virgos like to chat and will talk your head off given half a chance but it’s more about what they are thinking, evaluating or planning than what they love or excites them which can make them sometimes, a tad boring.

Practicality, attention to detail, and organizational skill is the Virgo’s home space but in the realm of intimacy they have a devil of a time.

Virgos are sensitive and this at times will trigger anxiety, hypervigilance and skittishness.  This anxiety will mean they need to be alone for a while and if you insist on hanging with them through this period, they will get argumentative and snarly.  Don’t think you can make them feel better, unless they ask, in which case, go all in.  When a Virgo befriends someone, who knows how to do this dance well, they sign on for life.

If you fall in love with a Virgo you’ll need to get used to a persistent and subtle suggestion of criticism.  Furthermore, their practicality will perennially threaten to stomp on any urges to silly and spontaneous fun, or outbursts of emotional effusiveness. Don’t expect too many (any?) declarations of undying love. Likely your intuition will be honed to perfection after a time. This isn’t because they don’t love you, it’s just that they don’t trust their feelings to be true or prevailing.  Virgos trust their intellect and practicality far more.  If you can be grateful and appreciative of the special gifts offered by the Virgo, you’ll have a life-long, stimulating relationship. If they suspect usury or vanity, you’re finished and they won’t likely give you a second chance.

The Hermit Card in the Tarot

The Hermit card is the middle earth element in the Tarot’s majors, corresponding nicely with Virgo.  The Hermit stands for walking your own path with a determined, tough exterior and hidden, deeply emotional and spiritual soft inner core. 

The Hermit chooses to be alone on this path.  They have an idea or inspiration in their soul that they must pursue, and they have no interest in explaining, describing, or justifying it to anyone, nor do they have any interest in enticing anyone to follow them down this path.  They aren’t taking this alone path to lead or follow – they just know it’s right for THEM.  The Hermit represents maturity, spiritual awareness and insight and individualism. 

September is one of my favourite months.  Who isn’t super charged by September?  Cooling temperatures, migrations for everyone in the animal kingdom including humans for school and work and best of all, as we’re heading into the end of the month, glimpses of the spectacular colour changes just ahead.  I’ve been fortunate to live in university and college cities all my life, so that September moving, back-to-school energy is a welcome and familiar yearly ritual to me.  I can see and feel all the preparations for the big migration ramping up by mid-August like a planting that will spring forth fruit within a matter of a few short weeks. All those young, curious, nervous, smart people wandering along the streets full of excitement and anticipation.  The older I get, the more I love it.

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"I told my parents about our reading and I’m going to encourage them to contact you. I may even pay for it, because I know that at the moment in my dad’s condition he worries.

In any event, I wanted to thank you for your warm and insightful reading. While I enjoyed the entire reading, I feel that I derived the most value in my *aha* moment of realizing what I must do next. I want to do a good job!!!

Thank You Kathleen!
Sincerely, Harriet"

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