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The Hierophant Instructs on Morality
“What the heck does Hierophant mean?”, clients always ask. It’s an ancient Greek term which refers to someone who interprets religious mysteries. A term from antiquity which roughly translates to “priest” in English.
In classic Tarot meaning, The Hierophant card represents morality.  Doing the right thing.  Making commitments and adhering to them no matter how inconvenient or painful that may be.  Words like pledge, promise, commitment and rigorous learning come to mind with this card.  Some will include other words like teacher, tradition, classicism, and judgement.

From a Feminist Perspective, The Hierophant

is shrouded in a more sinister mantle. His misogynistic, traditional religious overtones dominate. The Hierophant staunchly refuses to acknowledge that women have equally strong, spiritual leadership qualities as men.  He burned 9 million women in the middle ages for being witches. He strictly adheres to the laws laid down in ancient religious writings which are rife with anti-feminine sentiment. He sternly expects others to do the same.  If you’ve ever read anything by St. Augustine about the “weaker sex”, you’ll get this drift.

The Hierophant is a supporter of the ancient practices of inherited, imperial hierarchy.  He represents that part of ourselves that tends to swallow whole the dictates of tradition, as if because they have always been done, they must be right and good.

The Hierophant is number 5, following the Emperor number 4. The Emperor rules absolutely, imperially and the Hierophant always has his back.  He will lead the flock, with the heavy-weight of God’s will behind him, to follow the dictates of the Emperor without question or protest. The Emperor looks to him for support, guidance and backing and in turn provides the Hierophant with a cushy and safe abode from which to conduct his work. 

These two cards together suggest the client is bumping up against patriarchy at its worst.  Questions like,

“How are you being bullied into going along with the status quo?”
“How are you following rules by rote rather than choice?”
“Why are you feeling guilty for being a bit of a rebel?”
“How might this contact or commitment mean that in the future, you will have to muscle through it regardless of how much of a sacrifice this may demand of you?”

Getting Married, for example

is performing a ritual which is expected, via tradition – it’s doing the right thing by society, family and your future offspring. 

You may be adhering to a tradition because it’s expected of you to do so. 

Learning and/or Teaching Moral Guidance

You are in a hierarchal place. Now is the time to question whether you are doing what you truly believe is right or going along with a tradition that someone else has laid out.

This is why I picked the Hierophant to be the perfect representative for this time of year.  How many people partake in Christmas festivities because they feel they should? How many events will you attend because you are expected to?  How much will you spend on silly items no one wants really to fit in and not make waves in the traditions which so dominate this time of year?

Going Along with Xmas Traditions

Too many feel pressured to attend, perform, spend and join in festivities they would rather not.  People outside the Christian tradition are often expected to go along with these traditions and due to the daunting influence of the media, marketing and habit, it is difficult indeed to stand against the grain.

Those outside Christianity (and there are billions of them) aren’t the only ones who feel this pressure. Even those who have been raised Christian and would rather not join in the festivities (those in addiction recovery, poor, LGBTQ just to name a few) feel embarrassed and shy to say no to invites which put them socially in awkward, self-conscious positions.

I wish you the very best of the holiday season.  Go where your heart leads you.  Offer only what you can afford. Invite those who share your enthusiasm. Giving, fellowship with other humans, kindness should be qualities we extend and celebrate all year, not just when the Hierophant deems it a must-do.

In the event you are struggling to figure out what to gift a loved one at this time of year including yourself (and want to give them something no one else likely will!), I do provide hard copy, personalized Gift Certificates.

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