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The Public Psychic Jan-19-2016

Student Presenting Media Project on the Work of a Psychic

I spent the morning on the phone with a lovely young woman who is completing her M.A degree in communications which includes media, technology and journalism.  Her completion project must be a biographical sketch which must also include a video interview.  This aspiring, young journalist has a keen, aside interest in psychic ability so when it came to choosing whose biographical sketch she would do, it wasn’t an uncharacteristic leap for her to settle on me. Excited, she felt confident her professors couldn’t fairly object to me (despite my somewhat infamous profession) because of my academic background and experience at notable eateries such as the Royal York Hotel in Toronto.  The fact that I’ve had extensive media overage already should only sweeten the pot.

Reading her email, I felt an instantaneous jolt of excitement.  I had a feeling that this would be a project and creator I would enjoy meeting and working with. My work has been the subject of a number of student papers but the prospect of a video really ignited my enthusiasm.  We made a few plans and spent a couple of hours on the phone getting acquainted.  Our philosophies, experiences, astrological charts (we are both Scorpios) and hopes for where this project might take us made it difficult for either of us to end our conversation. 

Her hope for this project, which she described as a sample of her life purpose, is that it will capture a lot of people’s attention and open a broad reaching, collective narrative about psychic ability and how it represents an advancement of our human evolution.  We spoke about how difficult a road this will inevitably be for her.  People with a lot more experience, notoriety and credibility have been down this road with little to show for their efforts except skepticism and disparagement.

Most Clients Fear Judgement of Others for Using my Service

Most of my clients never tell anyone they speak to me because of the fear of collegial and personal judgement and I’m confident most in my profession have found the same thing. It would undoubtedly surprise many people to learn the backgrounds of most of my clients.  Most are university educated, many are professionals, and some are famous. 

Few however, share their delight in my work with anyone.  It’s not because they are ashamed of their use of my service but rather they are worried about what other people would think if they found out.  All the given names who signed the testimonials on my web site have been altered to protect the confidentiality of those who wrote them. Some who have written to me about how excited they are about my work, have asked that nothing they have said be shared with anyone else because their style of writing might be recognized by someone landing on my site! Further leaving the conundrum of how might we ever garner a collective acceptance of psychic gifts when the very people who could have a significant impact on changing collective perceptions are too fearful to step forward with their stories and proofs?

Snippets of validation can be found not just with those who do what I do for a living, but in fact with some of the most respected and intelligent people on the planet.  My young director was particularly excited to read what Marshal MacLuen said about psychic ability and how it will unfold in the future,

“Tribal man is tightly sealed in an integral collective awareness that transcends conventional boundaries of time and space. As such, the new society will be one mythic integration, a resonating world akin to the old tribal echo chamber where magic will live again: a world of ESP. The current interest of youth in astrology, clairvoyance and the occult is no coincidence. Electric technology, you see, does not require words any more than a digital computer requires numbers. Electricity makes possible--and not in the distant future, either--an amplification of human consciousness on a world scale, without any verbalization at all.

Q: Are you talking about global telepathy?

MCLUHAN: Precisely.

You can read the whole interview here.

Marshal MacLuen recognized that young people’s burgeoning interest in astrology, clairvoyance and the occult is not a coincidence with respect to the growth of electric technology.  Technology will in fact foster the development of the psychic sciences on many levels.  Indeed we are seeing it emerge and flourish in the most unlikely of environments. 

Psychic Ability Belongs to Us All

I always believed that psychic ability was a sense that we all were born with and it’s been a fact of our humanity since the development of our cerebral cortex.  At some point in time it was declared taboo and stopped representing an ability we should learn to control and use.  After all it does represent a gift that the establishment finds difficult to control.  What you sense and know with your psychic perceptions are yours alone.  You can count on your psychic senses that alert you to the presence of liars, manipulators and scam artists.  Perhaps it’s really in THEIR best interests to shut you down from its insights and wisdoms.  We need to look carefully indeed at the naysayers and who they are quoting.  Whoever keeps you from your truth perhaps deserve more skepticism than the notion of knowing what someone is thinking without speaking out loud or what is ahead down the road you are presenting taking.

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