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Those Repeating Numbers on the Clock Again!
About 40 years ago, my mother commented/asked my thoughts about the phenomena of having 3 of the same numbers appear on the clock, seemingly every time she looked it.  She described an uncanny jolt at each sighting, especially once she noticed how often it seemed to happen. 

Ashamedly, I admit I mumbled something impassive with a shrugging hint that perhaps we could change the subject.  I had no idea why this business with the clock had so ignited her imagination and of course this was before it started happening to me.

After about the fifth or sixth time of observing this clock event, it seemed as though every time I glanced at a clock, it was reading 1:11 or 2:22 or 3:33 etc.  It happened so often that I just couldn’t ignore it. Indeed getting to a point where I was even expecting it.  Then one day, inexplicably, it just stopped. Every once in the while, a friend or a client would describe this clock sequencing happening to them and  naturally, because I am a spiritual advisor, they hoped to garner some wisdom into the mystery.  Annoyingly, there was little I could offer other than a few of my personal and rather inane ponderings.

Now it’s happening to me again.  As soon as I started noticing it a few weeks ago, I wondered how many times it’s happened to me since my mother first described it. I deeply regret not having paid closer attention to what was going on in my mother’s life at the time.  I know she had become more actively involved in spiritualism and was meeting weekly with a spiritual group about which she was enamoured  Other than this, I can’t recall anything notably out of the ordinary in her life. Nor do I remember what was taking place in my life when it’s happened to me in the past.

On the Right Path

Like any phenomena, there are several theories to explain this experience but none of them feel like a fit for me. Doreen Virtue describes this clock phenomena as messages from the angels. The angels, according to Dr. Virtue, are telling us we are on the right path for our soul to manifest its special, spiritual purpose.  Although I cozy up to this comforting and positive interpretation, it fails to strike an accurate chord. 

Like a dream interpreted correctly, I like to feel a click that a true explanation has been revealed.  For example, what if observing these numbers in sync often is more a warning than an affirmation?   I still have more questions than answers.  What ifs, maybes, and ponderings abound.

When I notice these numbers on my clock, I am abruptly at attention.  I am noticing the time, not simply glancing at it.  What is gripping my attention most acutely, is the numbers themselves.  I consider the meaning of the numbers individually and what their sum might mean. 

When it happens to you, you’ll find yourself unable to ignore it. It will set you off on a path of contemplation, concern and possibly even alarm.  Like seeing an apparition, UFO, or rare beast, your mind scrambles to make sense of it.  You know you are receiving a message, but what the heck is it?  And perhaps that’s the whole point.

My 65th Birthday

At least once a day, I glance at the clock to find myself staring at all the same numbers lined up like ducks in a row.  3 ones, 3 twos, 3 threes etc. 

My 65th birthday is the 21st of this month.  It is a number that has some weight to it.  Although we like to say that we have no attachment to the number we’ve achieved, the truth is that when we hit one of those (ie. 40, 50, 65, and I dare you, contemplate 80!) numbers, it does carry a zing.
What’s exciting is that I finally have the benefit of a clue to this clock oddity meaning!  The last time I wrote about this digital clock phenomenon, was just before my 60th birthday.  Obviously, this was the last time I noticed this phenomenon enough to want to write about it.  It presages change.  Maybe it is simply a way to get us to pay attention to time in a way we are failing to do.  Like staring through a fog, I wonder what forms will emerge and whether they will be friend or foe. 

I promised myself that this time I will pay close attention and record what happens now.

The overarching feeling turning 65 is amazement.  Grateful for the depth of love I swim in every day of my life.  My work has deep meaning, my relationships are richly rewarding, and my health is vibrant. What more can a girl of 65 ask for?

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