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What Aging Demands of Us

November is my birthday month. I’ve discovered since crossing the 60’s threshold that my likes and dislikes have increasingly simplified.  I’m grateful to still find myself here and reasonably healthy for another year.  One of the many aging adages declares that we return to a childlike state as we move into our elder years. This is an unfoldment I witness daily in myself that delights and catches me by surprise.

I appreciate all the little things that happen in a day.  From those that spark a laugh and inspire gratitude in my heart to those things that remind me I am aging and must approach this stage in my life differently than I have the others.  More time must be carved for walks, cycling, sewing, cooking, preparing, pondering.  That’s what aging demands of us. 

Respectable Elder/Crone

My health has been a primary focus for me over the past few months and perhaps that also is to be expected as we approach a birthday.  Although we say a number isn’t important, in a sense that’s not quite true.  We all bring some expectations re that number we are turning at a birthday, even if we hotly deny its relevance.  To varying degrees that number impacts on how we see ourselves positioned in time and place. AKA “ego”. 

For one thing, people react to us differently.  You know your clock has hit some sort of milestone just by how people treat you.  Not people who have known you for a while but strangers. People who have known you for a while don’t alter their reactions to you unless something happens to make your age stand out to them such as a life threatening illness.
I recall the first time someone called me “ma’am”. I was 22 years old and he might have been 17 or 18.  I was blindsided and probably stared at him with my mouth hanging open.  He basically was suggesting that he saw me as the “elder” and was being respectful.  I didn’t notice any such thing – I just regarded him as the same as me UNTIL that “ma’am” emitted from his mouth.  Now I’m asked if I qualify for the senior discount. People have a way of putting you in your place – age wise, sex wise – in every way. 

You don’t have to cave into it entirely but being aware will help you use this information for your own benefit.  Yes. Believe it or not, there are benefits to joining the ranks of the aged.  Expectations drop significantly allowing lots of room to challenge stereo types and have a good belly laugh especially on yourself.


Health Wake-Up Call

Just today we picked up our coffee from a shop counter and I forgot my gloves at the counter in a bit of muddle putting my wallet away in a new purse.  A fellow grabbed Erich’s arm and asked, “Are these yours (referring to my gloves)?” Erich answered, “Probably” and that started some giggling and I joked that’s just his optimism talking and they all guffawed.  The funny part was it was MY gloves not his and he was willing take full responsibility for forgetting ANY gloves because he knows his memory is totally pathetic whereas mine is still reasonably keen thank heavens.  But I am forgetting more and it’s an awkward adjustment for me.

I did need a wake-up call re my health. I needed to revamp my diet and exercise routine to be more in sync with my age and lifestyle.  What suited me a decade or two ago is markedly different than where I’m at today.  A visit from my “step-mother” Shirley, who passed away in 2013 helped me tremendously. I finally listened to her murmurings more keenly which led me down a road of exploration that led me to some shifts in my diet that were long overdue.  This has resulted in some amazing changes to my health. Listen to spirit.  See? We all need reminders, even me. 

It never hurts to do an in depth examination and assessment re what in your life needs to be revised, tossed or embraced.  I like birthdays for this type of psychological nudging.

Scorpio & the High Priestess

Scorpio is the astrological sign for November and the Tarot card is the High Priestess.  The High Priestess’s element is water and like Scorpio she is the mystic, dream interpreter, card reader, wise woman of the Tarot.  She reminds us that we came from spirit and is to spirit we will return.  We listen to her guidance or she will knock us down with depression, neurosis, self harm, materialism or any number of maladies which emerge when we fail to consider/weigh/prioritize our spiritual health in all our decisions.

The High Priestess is our spiritual mother.  Her words can be severe, painful on the ears and heart, insensitive yet simultaneously freeing. She points the way to freedom but reminds us the cost isn’t cheap. November does seem fitting for the High Priestess – it’s the luminous, transitional month no matter where in the world you live.  I wish you a glorious spiritual month!  Pay special attention to the High Priestess in your psyche/soul – what is HER message to you this month? Try hard to hear her message above the racket and follow her guidance.  It will serve you well as you prepare for December which is always a crazy month in the west.

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"You did a tarot reading for me earlier this year at Ingrid Hamilton’s tea. I’m just letting you know that you really nailed it!

You told me I’d have to make a sacrifice, detach myself from something in the past – to move on to something really good. Which might seem to sour, but then I’d move on to something so spectacular it would be like winning the lottery.

I found out about a better job which is a place I’ve always really admired. And got another car.

And so in one week – I got a new car and started a new job. If I’d won the lottery, I couldn’t have been any happier.

You totally rock!!!!!”


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# re: What Aging Demands of Us @ Sunday, September 8, 2019 9:24 AM
I enjoyed reading your post. Based on my own experience I believe that aging also requires and demands us to teach others.  There are times when I think that some info that I have might be outdated or old timey but I've learned there are many younger ones who don't even know or understand.   I'm sure there is something that we can share from our experiences.  There are always times when people can and cannot get along in families, life, work, or wherever.  Our job is to find solutions or to encourage the person being targeted to remove themselves from the negative  area.

But aging requires us to learn something about ourselves or how to make our lives better. It also demands that we are prepared. It seems like the time goes by so fast.  

Thanks for sharing your post.
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