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When is a Psychic Message Real?

Many people ask me how to know when a psychic/spiritual message is real.  In other words, how can we know the message is not just from our own imagination or wishful thinking?  Not to minimize the value of imagination or wishful thinking!  In my experience imagination and psychic ability are very closely connected anyway which is why it’s hard to differentiate one from the other.

Run with Your Imagination

In the beginning you’ll just have to run with your imagination for a while until you’re able to feel the difference.  Keep detailed records of when you’ve acted upon with what you assumed was imagination and soon it will be apparent that the way you felt while in that mode was one or the other.  Like everything else you want to develop in yourself, the more you practice the better you get at it.  I’ve been practicing using my psychic senses for fifty years so naturally I’m pretty good at it.  You would be too at anything you’ve practiced for half a century!

You can think of it as the same as touch.  You are aware when you touch your own hand by the double sensation not only the sensation of the hand that you touch, but of the hand that touches the other portion.

The mental process by which you arrive at any thought is a double process too; you are not only aware of the thought vibrating upon the brain, or within the brain, but you are aware of the consciousness which produces the thought as a subtle thread which lays along the intelligent power named volition. It is the vibration upon the brain cell.

When a thought enters your mind without this dual consciousness, without this other subtle process, a distinct thought that is just as palpable as the dropping of a drop of water upon the hand, or the touch of another person upon the body that thought is not yours; that is a psychic/spiritual impression.

Frequently such impressions come in a whirl of distraction, when your mind if preoccupied with something else, as distinctly as if a pebble were dropped into a clear lake.  You just know it’s not yours.  Your next challenge of course is figuring out just whose it is and of course what to do with it.  If you are receiving what you believe to be spiritual messages that are guiding you along a path you would normally consider immoral or unhealthy then chances are these are coming from you shadow self.  That’s a whole different matter.  Good to know your shadow thoughts but no so good to act on them.

Beware of Impressions in Direct Accordance with Wishes

Furthermore, you should be wary of any impressions which are in direct accordance with your wishes. When human desire is activated, there is lack of clarity in the perception of truth, particularly if your desire is a selfish one. Love not desire is the source of all that is in spirit.

Many of our night dreams are really simply wish fulfillments so not surprisingly much of our imagination is assigned a similar task. We all have wishes that we know will remain unfulfilled.  This can be so annoying and stressful that our imaginations are triggered to quickly kick in to ease the pressure.  This is why it can be almost impossible to do readings for yourself.  You are just a tad too invested in the outcome and the likelihood that your reading is simply a wish realized is too high.

Even having a dear friend read for you can be problematic.  It’s hardly pleasurable to be the bearer of bad news.  A loved one also can be vulnerable to becoming overly invested in seeing you happy.  I always warn my students about this snag.  Be careful to avoid reading for loved ones – pass them along to another student. Share your relatives and friends!  The reading has a better chance at accuracy and honesty.

Trust only your impressions and intuitions that come at variance with your selfish wishes, for they are not only from the inner nature of your own spirit, but are doubtless the promptings of the guardian spirit to lead you aright.  The moral energies here intervene and frequently an impression may be in direct opposition to your individual wish and will.  If the impression however does come upon a subject that you have no knowledge of and no judgement on, and an impression distinctly comes, obey it, for in nearly every instance when you do not obey, you regret it.

If you are attributing a message to spirit, the first question you must ask yourself, “Am I at all attached to any outcome?”  If there is even a hint of yes, you are very likely caught in a rationalization of wishful thinking and listening to the voice of desire not spirit.

Better to Know the Truth

It’s not easy to be impartial and impart bad news.  That too takes practice and commitment.  I won’t sacrifice my gift at the alter of feel-good readings because they don’t serve my client fairly anyway.  Better to know the truth of what is going on here and crack on in a new direction than hang around in the same conundrum for years on end wasting all that precious time on something that’s never going to make you happy or bring you the fulfillment you are seeking.  To be true to spirit, I must tell the truth and if you are going to develop your psychic gift in earnest so must you learn to do this first with yourself and then with others who are seeking your advice.

The best gift of self-discipline you can give yourself is to develop your intuition to its highest possible degree.  It will serve you well in every aspect of your life!

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Kathleen’s accuracy is so amazing! She always tell me about things in great detail before they happen and then suggests the best ways to achieve my desired outcome of peace and equilibrium! She has proven right once again about my situation…and it continues to unfold.” 
Barb Covington of San Francisco, USA

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