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Where to Begin 2020
Intuitively, often unconsciously and ritualistically, January initiates us to the New Year by driving our focus down to our first, root, or Mūlādhāra Chakra.  Not surprisingly, its colour is red.  Setting intentions and dreams for a healthier body, greater abundance and security, and an intimate love connection are the domain of our first chakra which can be located between the base of our spine and our pubic bone.

Mating Fosters Spiritual Advancement

This base-line energy centre encompasses the entire pelvic area of the body, including the genitals and reproductive organs. Sexuality is the primary force in our lives and an upset over mating has a deleterious effect on our spiritual lives. Healers typically spend a substantial amount of time counselling people about their love lives.  As do I. 

They should.  If they don’t, I suspect your healer has unresolved first chakra issues and you should find a new healer until they do get that sorted.  I’m perennially amazed at how many of my clients counsel their healers!

Furthermore, anything that we investigate regarding the first chakra should include how everyone’s first chakra encounters other first chakras in the world and whether than encounter is intended or not. The first chakra, like all the chakras, has its own viewpoint, personality and domain.  It is athletic and cares about contact, survival, sensuality, pleasure and power.  It cares about asserting that we are alive!  Being and staying alive is its prime objective.

The element of this chakra is fire. Astrologically it is aligned with the Sun. You would be well-served to consider your sun sign in deepening your understanding of the nature of your Mūlādhāra. When you experience a mystical opening of the first chakra, you have a feeling of heat that starts at the base of the spine and burns its way to the top of your head (Kundalini Yoga). The red quality; the quality of our blood, our sexuality, our drive, our financial substance or prosperity all reside in the first chakra.

The ruby, fire opal, and fire topaz are stones associated with this chakra. The bumblebee and the dragon are the creatures in the east associated with the first chakra and in the west it is the horse, snake, worm, spider and lizard. Consider your feelings towards any of the above symbols and you will have a quick reference point in your relationship to your own first chakra.  Do you like or fear bees, horses, snakes, worms, spiders or lizards?

Our personal difficulties with the first chakra, such as the suppression of power, problems with sex and intimacy, repression of anger, and lack of vitality can be traced to our early teachings.  Our culture specifically does not like women to manifest an open first chakra.  Women are encouraged to stand, sit, move, and walk in such a way as to restrict the natural rocking movements of the pelvis.  This suppressed power backs up so forcefully that a person begins to exhibit compulsive or obsessive behaviour at an early age.  Eating disorders, self-mutilation, and narcissism are a couple of examples of first chakra pathology.

Exercises to Tune Up the First Chakra

A great exercise for those of us having been raised in the west is squatting.  In the east people squat all their lives! They squat to eat, visit, chat, work.  They squat more than they sit.  It’s a brilliant way to stretch, find balance and support our first chakra.  Try squatting for a few moments in at the start of the day (with heels down) and before bed and commune with that first chakra.  I promise you will have a changed perspective on its power by the end of 2020!

As you focus on first chakra energies, don’t do it from a position of repression, for example, the
  • shoulds, musts, have tos,
but rather from a centre of being joyfully and fully alive! 
2020 is the year of the RAT, according the zodiac of the east, the rat is
  • an animal with spirit, wit, alertness, delicacy, flexibility and vitality.
Keeping that vitality in mind, swing your hips to rousing music, hoola hooping with abandonment, belly dancing to bold drumming and laughing wildly with abandon.  Set that as your plan for 2020. 

Have a self-affirming, loving and pleasurable year ahead!

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